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Steps to Master Time Management Techniques & Multiply Productivity

What is the secret to become a good manager or make a mark in the organization? The basic secret lies in the repetition of the core skills of Time management techniques. You cannot create by continuously switching to new things. You become a ‘master’ by focusing on a number of things & doing them repeatedly.

A black belt achiever in Kung Fu does not become skilled by practicing 5,000 different kicks and punches; he/she acquires the skill by practicing 10-12 kicks & punches 5,000 times. Likewise, the art of time management techniques can be learned through continuous practice.

The 5 Steps to Master Time Management Techniques

A common question we all have is, “How to increase productivity?” So, this article brings you 5 steps approach to efficient time management.

With proper commitment, each of these following steps takes about 5 minutes but can double the amount of your efficiency by increasing your daily productivity leading you to master the skill of productivity management as well.

  • Step-1-Visualize the task and work on it

Productivity Management
Image source: Pixabay

Let’s say, you need to read the newspaper but can’t find time to do so. Just pick it up physically and say to yourself that you need to read it but can’t do so because there’s no time. Keep on repeating a few times in a day after you are done with other important tasks, and then put a red cross on it, as many times you put it away without reading.                                                At the day’s end, calculate the number of red crosses, then you would begin to feel the pressure of completing the task. You can do this with other tasks as well.

  • Step-2-Make a list categorizing the pending tasks as per the urgency

    Time management
    Image source: Wikimedia Commons

    Firstly, Make a habit of jotting down tasks for your convenience. Though, be careful with the length of the list, as the longer ones make you anxious and stressed. Try not to have more than 6 items on your to-do list, and prioritize them as per urgency. Task categorization is one of the keys to improving productivity.


  • Step-3-Allot a fixed time for each task

Time management
Image source: PxHere

Take a minute to plan a time limit for every task, it will benefit you to complete each task within 6-7 hours. Moreover, you will have some extra time left for monitoring or revision. This strategic planning can also help to increase productivity as well.


  • Step-4-Plan the completion date or time of the task

Once you know the tentative time required for the completion of each task, you need to plan your own deadline, such that you can have extra time left to go through the tasks. Organize the daily tasks on the basis of high urgency to low urgency, and plan accordingly. But remember to take some time off, like small breaks for you to relax between the tasks. This is another extremely efficient time management tool to employ for increasing productivity.

  • Step-5-Monitor the results for Time Management

Managing time
Image source: Max Pixel

Compromising with the outcome of a task showcase lack of efficiency and accuracy of the individual. Therefore, being productive is not enough, you need to more efficient and detail-oriented when producing the best results. To find the flaws in your task, revise the works as many times as you can. That’s why managing time is so important to keep the extra time for correcting the mistakes.


If you can commit to this regime for 21 days, there’ll be a sure change in your habit of managing time and productivity. Hence, this will lead to increased time management and productivity management ability.

Benefits of Time Management

  1. More productivity and less procrastination
  2. Reduces stress and workload with a relaxed schedule
  3. More time for other activities without any waste of time
  4. Helps to maintain focus and concentration on certain task without much distraction
  5. Understanding the priority of each task and act accordingly
  6. Leads to effective working with less assistance

Benefits of Increased Productivity

  1. Better delivery and outcome
  2. Reduced time demands
  3. More profitability 
  4. Increased focus
  5. Less reworking
  6. More work-life balance


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