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9 Ways US work production is rising with work-from-home workers

Is your organization suffering from low work productivity?Are you thinking of downsizing due to the recent economic crisis? Are you employees leaving the company due to pandemic panic? According to Forbes, there is a 47% increase in productivity in the US due to employees working remotely.


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“Work from Home” has become a part of the new normal because of the COVID situation. One of the reasons for people leaving the job is because of the long commute and now people do not have to worry about the distance. There might be many problems working remotely but according to studies it also reduces employee attrition and increases satisfaction.

Some of the potential reasons for increasing productivity are:

  • Employees put extra effort

People tend to work harder when working remotely because they consider WFH as a plush privilege and to continue with the opportunity they tend to put an extra effort to look more productive. Keeping in mind that employers have means to track productivity digitally for their remote workers, they are inclined to be in their best behavior.

  • Less Distraction

Many people consider their employees to be one of the biggest distractions. There are a lot of opinions asked by their co-workers which tend to divert one’s mind. On working from home, these distractions are alleviated but still one can expect a little disturbance from the colleagues. There might be distractions at home too, but people have direct control over these interruptions.

  • Eliminated Commune

In the US, it takes roughly 25 minutes to an hour to reach the office. An employee must leave home an hour before to avoid reaching late. The time saved by working from home is used by the workers to show efficiency in their work. The employee is stress-free when they do not have to travel.

  • Enhanced communications

The employees tend to communicate efficiently when working remotely. They tend to schedule meetings in written format rather than shouting across the desk. Through this medium there is a proper record of conversations and reduces the time spent to follow up.


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  • Control of the Environment

Every individual prefers a different environment to work at their best. It is impossible to change the environment of the office according to your preference whereas it is easier to control the environment while working from home, to bring out what is best for you.

  • Reduced Stress

People prefer to work in a comfortable environment and no place can be more comfortable than one’s own house. One can make their environment stress free and work accordingly, as stress and productivity do not work together.

  • Flexible Working hours

Employees tend to work efficiently when they can take a break from their work on feeling stressed. It is easier for employees to take breaks while working from home. Not only does it increase productivity but older people who are pretty good at what they do agree to work on flexible working hours.

  • Enhanced Technological skills

When working online, people tend to learn new ways to be efficient in what they do. People who work remotely tend to be up to date with technological skills. Most of the people who work in the office are unaware of technological skills which include sharing screens etc.


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  • A balance between personal and professional life

When working from home, employees tend to take fewer leaves for a mental break or to spend quality time with their family. When needed the employees can take out time for self-care and any personal needs.



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It is very necessary to be comfortable to bring the best out of oneself at work. As an employer, you need to motivate your subordinates to work from home and make them aware of the benefits while giving them all logistical support.

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