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Reasons for TikTok’s popularity and why Microsoft is considering a buy

TikTok is one of the most popular less than 15-second video creation apps among consumers of varied wide range, especially the teenagers. The users can sing, act, dance, or memic to the songs or backdrop of pre-recorded audio clipsand get the facility to edit their content.

TikTok was previously called Douyin and was created by ByteDance-A Chinese App Developer in 2016, to give a competition to its rival, Musical.ly. It was first launched for the Chinese audience but later to get international users; it changed its name to TikTok.

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Musical.ly was taken over by ByteDance in 2017 and by 2018, gaining around 800 million active users from all around the globe. Microsoft is now considering acquiring TikTok as it would give it a chance to remake its image within the younger crowd and also will bring it to a position to give a tough competition to its rivalry, Facebook and google owned Youtube.

This article further will explain the main reasons for Tik-Tok popularity and reasons for Microsoft acquiring it.

Ability to reach youth and creative influencers, Millenials, Genx

This Vlog app not only attracts people to create content but there are many inspirations one gets from Tik-Tok. This platform allows people from all age groups and sectors to portray their creativity. The contents include cooking videos, makeup tutorials from influencers, hook up steps of famous songs, memes, challenges, travel, and much more entertainment that attracts the public.                                                                                                                                                Image Source: Shutterstock

The use of the platforms by influencers, actors, and big brands helps users stay on the platform. Microsoft will not have to market a lot as it will get a pre-established customer base.

Getting a strong foothold in the social media business

This app is becoming important as it gives opportunities to brands and helps in marketing. The big companies use millennials to market and promote as the followers of the influencers become the target audience for the company. Big brands like chipotle, Ralph Lauren, Elf Cosmetics, etc use TikTok to promote their business which in turn makes people from all the ages to use the app.

Tiktok filters are very popular amongst millennials

The app has a vast collection of features divided into various categories such as New, Trending, For cats, Filters For dogs. It allows users to mask according to their preference from options like funny face morphings, sophisticated color correction, and beauty effects. These features are a nice example of AR filters that helps to attract the audience.

The business model in Tiktok is very profitable

Tiktoks algorithm allows users to binge-watch the content. It has an attention-based business model as advertisement and promotion are the primary sources of profit.


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The user-friendly, adding connection, messaging, the feature to trim a video/song according to preference and the option to share it with friends/ relatives makes its business model, one of the most profitable example.

The content is rich in video, memes, comedy, inspirational, creative and frequently content goes viral

The features available in TikTok invited a large number of teenagers to create content. There are Tiktok stars like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio who became famous by creating Vlogs in this platform. Many users have become famous overnight because of the increase in followers and their videos going viral.

As seen by how famous it is among the millennials, Microsoft is considering to buy TikTok as it will gain access to users and data. It would give the tech giant another opportunity to enter a fast-growing and youth-oriented media platform.


Image Source: Shutterstock

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