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How Apple’s New Privacy Control Impacts Digital Advertisers

The world over digital advertisers are increasingly getting worried and spending sleepless nights over Apple’s new privacy controls. Let us delve deeper into this aspect. We know that with Apple’s new operating system which the company plans to launch this fall, there will be certain changes in the way users will surf the net and accept requests from advertisers which will serve as Apple’s new market capitalization strategy

Best tech companyApple’s iOS 14 will seek permission from users through the apps whether their internet activity can be traced. As such, many advertisers are already assuming that most of the users will not allow their activities to be tracked and consequently, the promotion of products and services might be at stake. 


A failure to keep track of your internet activities also means that the revenues will experience a slump. 

What if digital advertisers are not allowed to track user activities?

We all know that depending on what we surf and browse, advertisers keep track of the same. This enables them to personalize products as per user requirement. They keep a tab on the websites that users visit by installing cookies. These cookies send back information to the publishers that enable them to customize ads. 

This can be better understood with the help of an example. Let us say, you love keeping track of the latest fashion trends that are doing rounds on the fashion circuit across the globe. When you return to your browser again the next time, you will see a host of advertisements that you can relate with your choice. 

So, how did this happen? The digital publishers had kept tab on your internet activities and accordingly, customized ads to meet your needs. Also, if you happen to like something from there, chances are that you might click on the ad and become a customer from a prospective lead. 

Facebook is worried too and why

digital advertisersJust as digital advertisers are worried, so is Facebook. This social media giant has expressed that it will not be able to gather information about the so-called IDFA or users’ advertising identifiers without seeking their permission. 


How will it impact the amount advertisers are willing to pay for promoting their products on iPhone?

According to global head (Consumer business) of Weather Company Sheri Bachstein, “estimated that the price advertisers are willing to pay to advertise within iPhone apps could decline by as much as 40 percent as a result of the change”. 

Apple’s new move will not prevent advertisers from tracking but with the new change in strategy, now the users have to grant permission to the apps for tracking. 

Facebook also fears that aside from users rejecting their tracking requests, this change would also restrict apps that makes use of Google’s services for selling ads. 

Timing is not right for digital advertisers

Experts believe that there could not have been a worst time for Apple to implement the new norm, given the situation across the globe as far as business revenues and profits are concerned. 

What plans does Google have for 2022?

In a similar move, Google intends to introduce similar restrictions in Chrome, which is its leading browser now ruling the market. These changes will take place in Chrome browser in 2022 so that Google can adhere to the norms laid down by GDPR or European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. 

In a nutshell

Apple’s change in policy has had an effect of “paradigm shift” on all. However, Apple has taken this step for consumers so that they are entitled to “having rightful ownership and control over their data”.

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