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Green buildings 2020- What you must know

Once the pandemic is over, all of us hope to live a life with less pollution and more greenery. Several instances have revealed that owing to the pandemic, there have been restricted movements of vehicles during the lockdown. This reduced the level of air pollution. 

With this hope in mind, we all look forward to a green city where we will be able to breathe some fresh air. Also, because more and more people are realizing the importance of energy efficient buildings, regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. 

building research establishment environmental assessment methodologyOn, 1990, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) launched Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEM) assessment evaluates the environmental performance of buildings through the specification, design, and construction.


Let us find out what are green buildings in 2020. 

While for some, increasing energy efficiency is closely associated with being more attractive to tenants or reducing the operating costs. Few prefer the green buildings so that they can see an increase in the value of their property, keeping in mind future transactions involving the house. 

Owing to the above and several other reasons, the “green building” has become approximately trillion-dollar industry. 

What does it mean to be LEED certified?

The U.S Green Building Council’s or USGBC LEED rating for green buildings system, which was implemented some 20 years ago. Today, there are more than 100,000 projects pertaining to the same

Trends in Green building 2020

According to United States Green Building Council a part of World Green Building Council, the following trends are likely to rule the industry. Check them out-

  • Withstand climatic disasters

Last year (2019), United States witnessed as many as 14 different weather disasters due to which the loss incurred was approximately $1 billion or more for each of the disaster. This was revealed according to NOAA. 

Even West Coast wildfires and floods created havoc across US. As such, to meet the challenges, buildings will incorporate strategies to withstand such calamities. The materials that will be used, technologies that will be applied, the designs and construction will meet the standards set by LEED. 

  • Health 

eco friendlyHealth is a priority for all. Air pollution resulting from fossil fuel combustion and techniques and methods to combat climatic hazards all need to be taken into account. Also, building spaces that serve the best to meet global health challenges and to address environmental issues are crucial too. LEED offers solutions for the same and in constructing eco-friendly  buildings.

  • Value for property

When an investor invests in property, he takes into account social, environmental, and of course matters related to governance. LEED projects monitor or track investor experiences concerning transportation, waste disposal, energy, and water usage. 

The above mentioned trends will “define” the essence of energy efficiency related to building construction in 2020 and will reflect why it matters and is important. The main aim is not just to improve the quality of life but also to address environmental issues. It must be a win-win situation for investors, owners, and also tenants.

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