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The Stock Market is running out of fuel

The prevailing stock market condition is being regarded as the worst ever due to the pandemic in the history of trading. Of late, there has been a spectacular display by the U.S stock market, however, it is being anticipated that once the stock market “runs out of gas”, it is bound to crash again. 

Running out of gas basically means the economy will no longer be supported by fiscal and monetary policies. We have witnessed a similar situation way back in 2007 when the financial markets faced a crisis and a stock market crash.

Fast facts about the U.S Stocks

Check these out to know about US Stock Market scenario

  • On Friday, Dow dropped 730 points, which translates to 2.8%, and closed above 25,000 at 25, 015. As compared to its high in June of 25,572, it dropped by 9.3% or 2,557 points.
  • S&P 500 dropped 75 points that translate it to 2.4% on Friday. It closed at 3,009. It dropped 223 points since June from 6.9% or 3,232 points. 
  • The best performer has been NASDAQ and it prevented S&P from sliding back further. Although it slid back too by 374 points that translates to 3.7%, it registered a high in June of 10,131.

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