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History of the NASCAR Races

The association responsible for making stock-car racing a widely popular sport in the United States.

History of the NASCAR races

National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing was founded in 1948 in Daytona Beach, Florida by Bill France, an auto mechanic and race-car driver. After the stock races organized in Florida became unsuccessful, Bill founded the National Championship Stock Car Circuit (NCSCC) in 1947.

NCSCC has a year long series of 40 races held across the south-east region of America.

The primary task of NASCAR was to establish and enforce the technical regulations that governed the cars, organize and promote each race, and award cash prizes to the winners of races and to the series champion.

The first race was held in Jan 4, 1948, near Pompano Beach. Bill France served as the President and several changes took place after he stepped down from his position.

Even after 72 years of foundation, NASCAR continues to expand and gain recognition globally.

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