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Best Budget App for Couples

A budget app can help you keep tabs on your expenditure and save money. Making a budget and saving money is the goal of almost every individual. The tech world has felt this necessity and has come up with a range of financial tools for our convenience. There are many such apps available but the best budget app for you are listed below.

You can choose either a free budget app or a paid one, depending on your needs. Some apps allow you to subscribe to a particular budgeting technique or one that just informs you when your bank balance is running short. The choice is yours. Most of these financial tools are complimentary which means you don’t need to spend money to buy them. All of them are available on iOS and Android platforms.

The best budget app for couples        

 1) Mint – Spend less and save more

Mint is regarded as the best budget app for couples. This free budget app synchronizes with user accounts to monitor their expenditure. For quite some time, Mint has been the hallmark for budgeting tools. It offers the following benefits to the users:

  • Automatic updating and classification of transactions, generating a representation of actual expenditure.
  • Users have the option to include their groupings, monitor bills, divide transactions and fix budgets that make them vigilant when they surpass the upper limit of their expenditure.

Besides, Mint offers credit score monitoring and free credit score services.

2) Clarity Money – For comprehensive budgeting

Looking for the best budget app for couples? Clarity Money can work as a one-stop solution for you. It is an all-inclusive saving and budgeting app that monitors payments and expenditure. You just need to link your financial and bank accounts with the app, manage your expenditure, monitor them, and group your expenditure into various categories. Also, features like credit score monitoring and subscription cancelling make it one of the best free budget apps. You get a broader snapshot of your finances besides your transactions with this user-friendly budget app.

 3) PocketGuard – For a streamlined budgeting picture

PocketGuard is a free budget app that offers a clear picture to the users of how much they should spend at a particular moment. It boils down things to demonstrate how much money you have left after you allocated for bills, expenditure, and meeting savings targets. There is an “in my pocket” feature that helps users to see the amount of money left for the month, week, or day. Those who wish to carry out further in-depth monitoring can keep tabs on particular categories of expenditure such as apparel, groceries, or dining out.

 4) Goodbudget – Shared envelope budgeting

Goodbudget is one of the best budget apps for couples. It operates on the envelope system where you can allocate your monthly earnings towards particular expenditure categories. Goodbudget enables many gadgets to access one account. Therefore, it is easier for family members and friends to share a budget.

This budget app doesn’t necessitate syncing of bank accounts. The account balances can be added manually after you extract them from the official website of your bank. You can also add debts and cash in hand. When you have inputted earnings and accounts, you can allocate money towards envelopes or expenditure groups. The free version of Goodbudget allows two gadgets, one account, and restricted envelopes. The Plus variant of this app costs $6 monthly or $50 annually. It provides limitless accounts and envelopes, up to five gadgets, and other benefits.

Finding the best budget app for your needs will depend on how you want to organize your finances.

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