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Top Things to Consider When Using a YouTube to MP4 downloader

Today’s generation is a lot dependent on youtube as a source of entertainment. It is an obvious fact that people would want to download the videos which they like, but it is impossible to do so directly. One can download their favourite youtube videos with the use of a downloader. One cannot simply trust any YouTube to MP4 downloader as there are many options available online which are a complete waste. So, this article will help you to choose the most suitable and perfect downloader. It will do so by running down the best feature one should consider while installing a good video downloader.

youtube to mp4 download

7 things to contemplate when choosing the best YouTube to MP4 downloader-

  • A higher display resolution

It is a priority to look for a platform that supports higher resolution videos and pictures like 4K, HD, and Full HD.

youtube mp4 converter

  • Access to .MP4 extension

It should have a feature which lets conversion of files such as YouTube to .mp4

  • Group downloads are important

The platform should allow downloads of multiple videos or playlists at the same time

convert youtube videos to mp4

  • The pages you want to use should be permitted by the tool

 Software such as Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud. So, while downloading YouTube videos in .mp4 format, make sure that all the webpages you want to use are supported and accessible.

  • No hidden cost 

 YouTube downloader which you choose to download should be free. There are many free options available online which charges a lot so look for tools that give you features for free.

  • A tool which involves no or lesser ads or pop-ups

The free tools generally have a lot of advertisements and pop-ups which are generally threats. So, choose the  mp4 downloader which does not have these demerits.

convert youtube videos to mp4

  • Option to download both audios and videos

 Choose only those options that give you options to download audio if you don’t want video.

So, to sum up, use the free converter that has maximum features and is easy to use. There are times when to compress one might need .MP3 and not .MP4, so you must make sure that your downloader has this feature.

mp4 youtube converterIf you follow the suggestions, your most liked audios and videos will be in your gallery forever. So, instead of sharing the link to your friends from next time, you will be able to send the converted media.

You just have to look for a decent YouTube to MP4 downloader. Installing any tool online for various purposes needs care and insight. These tools put the security at risk. It is important to be able to choose the right video downloader to get the benefits.

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