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8 of the Best Alternatives to Rabb.it

Rabb.it, like its various other alternatives, is a website that has become popular during the lockdown. These 8 websites like rabb.it, help viewers watch a TV show or a film with their close relatives or friends even if they are miles apart.

List of sites similar to rabb.it 

  • Netflix Party

streaming sites like rabbitNetizens! Here is one of the best streaming services bringing to everyone the joy of watching a TV show with your close ones. Consider this to be one of the most coveted alternatives to rabb.it due to the enormous library of shows



  • SyncLounge 

websites like rabbit tvThis is a rabb.it replacement that cannot be missed out on. Most streaming sites like rabb.it will have private room features. One must have a Plex subscription to watch a show on SyncLounge. The fact that one can select private rooms in SyncLounge makes it all the more lucrative. 

  • Mycircle.TV

services like rabbitLet a break from the mundane routine of life and stream a show from MycircleTV on your android phone or desktops. This platform is also supported on the iPhone. Streaming websites like rabb.it are easily accessible on other devices like the iPad and so on. 


  • Rave

sites similar to rabbitWith this alternative to rabb.it, people can share music and shows with one another at the click of a finger. It makes partying in a pandemic an accessible option. What is more interesting about Rave is that it is available across all platforms. 

  • Tutturu 

rabb.it replacementThis application is free across all platforms. Be it an android phone or an iPad, and an individual can access Tutturu from anywhere. However, after considerable usage, it charges a nominal user fee of 5 dollars. This alternative to rabb.it is user friendly and easy to understand. The interface is supported across most platforms and devices. 

  • Watch2gether

streaming sites like rabbit Creating chatrooms without signing up is a crucial feature of this website like rabb.it. This alternative to rabb.it is free till a certain number of views. After the stipulated number of arguments is exhausted, it asks for a nominal payment to continue streaming. 

  • andChill

rabb.it alternativeWatch TV shows from anywhere across the world. This platform allows viewers to stream with friends they made on the forum. One of the best alternatives to rabb.it, the streaming website charges its users. 



  • ShareTube 

websites like rabbit Experience watching YouTube videos together on ShareTube. Listen to music, stream content seamlessly using ShareTube. All it requires is a simple two-step login, and the interested user is good to go. Enter a URL and start watching with your friends!

 After Kast took over rabb.it, the demand for alternatives to rabb.it has increased manifold. Boredom and seclusion during the pandemic are not new problems. We are almost at the end of 2020 and most of us are still stuck at home. Lighten your mood and brighten your day by selecting a website from the list provided above. 

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