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Free Alternatives to Hootsuite

Hootsuite delivers its premium services only in exchange for money. Thus many of its users later opt for free alternatives to Hootsuite. Hootsuite cajoles its users to upgrade to the premium version for availing more services in exchange for money. The free version is for a limited period, for a month. Thus many users often lookout for an alternative to Hootsuite.

hootsuite alternativeThe Alternatives either provide unlimited free usage before update or a completely free tool. Since social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools, it is essential to manage those channels. Different channels work on different algorithms. These platforms manage all these channels efficiently. 

Free Hootsuite Alternatives 

Here are a few Hootsuite competitors free of cost, which provide almost equally efficient services for their users

  • TweetDeck

hootsuite free alternativesIt is a third-party app owned by Twitter. It has a few features for managing one’s Twitter handle. Users can divide the follow up into more than one feeds. One can create different feeds for DM and notifications. This is a simple scheduling and power tool for Twitter and is a completely free alternative to Hootsuite. 

  • SocialOomph

alternative to HootsuiteSocial Media Management with a little oomph isn’t bad! SocialOomph is a media managing platform that helps its users manage only the Twitter app for free. It helps in scheduling posts and also for tracking keywords. Unfortunately, the other social media handles like Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn come only in the professional version, a paid version. 

  • Friends Plus Me

alternatives to hootsuiteThis platform helps its users to plan and use up to two social media destinations. Social media destinations would mean specific social media accounts. Each account can have five postings scheduled and managed. It has extensions in mobile apps and browsers. It serves as a great alternative to Hootsuite.  

  • Blog2Social

hootsuite alternativeThis automated platform is ideal for cross-posting on all social media handles of a user. Even in its free version, the user can access almost all social media handles. Necessary scheduling, posting, and promotion can quickly be done from this platform. This can be considered as a great passive income idea.



  • Content Studio

competitors of HootsuiteThis platform lets its users handle two social media accounts but does not indulge in an automatic posting by hooking into blogs. Two accounts can post a total of 500 posts per month. This platform is one of the best free Hootsuite alternatives. 


This platform connects to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It allows users to handle all three platforms. It has Supporting URL shortener, videos, and GIFs, and scheduling options. This makes it a great alternative to Hootsuite. The competitors of Hootsuite can be considered when one thinks of a social media manager.

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