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What Is Huawei Ban In US Really All About?

Recently, the United States banned the functioning of 5G network of Huawei. Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, stated that the Trump administration would enforce visa prohibitions on several Huawei staff for human rights abuses and infringements.

Huawei Ban Decision by Trump Administration

Pompeo also declared that he would go to Great Britain in the middle of this Huawei prohibition verdict. Previously, he had welcomed the decision taken by Great Britain as a piece of great news. He said that it would allow British citizens to nurture a safe and energetic 5G network that is vital for transatlantic safety and growth.

huawei ban update

The State Department of the US would enforce visa constraints on particular staffs of the technology companies like Huawei based in China. This would render logistic assistance to administrations involved in human rights abuses and violations. It is in view as an aftermath of the Huawei ban in US. 

Statement by Donald Trump

In May 2019, United States President Donald Trump declared that Huawei together with many other China-based firms— was on something known as the Entity List. Firms enlisted in this manner cannot perform business with any company that functions in the US.

huawei ban in usIn May, Huawei ban United States had obstructed the company’s admittance to US chips via prohibitions to the 5G Network. As a result, the United Kingdom had to reconsider its Huawei plan. There are accusations from the US that Huawei, the global tech behemoth, is involved in espionage for the best interests of the Chinese administration. However, Huawei has fervidly refused such accusations.

According to Pompeo, the Communist Party of China and its menace to liberal people across the globe would be the top priority of his itinerary.

Reaction by China

On July 15, 2020, China made a verbal attack on the United Kingdom verdict, stating that London had turned into a victim of the US. At the same time, it emphasized that it would take essential steps to protect the legal rights of Chinese business enterprises.

us bans huaweiFollowing the US ban Huawei, the spokesperson of the foreign ministry of China, Hua Chunying, stated that any verdict and act initiated on behalf of Great Britain must happen at a price.

As of August 8, 2020, Huawei, the Chinese tech behemoth, has exhausted all its processor chips for manufacturing smartphones as a result of the US Huawei ban. They need to cease the fabrication of its indigenous and most sophisticated chips, stated by a company supervisor. It is an indication of escalating loss to the trade of Huawei from US duress.

Current Status of Huawei Technologies 

Presently, Huawei Technologies Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of network gears and smartphones, is in the middle of Chinese-U.S. tussle on the issues of safety and technology. The battle has become widespread and the well-known video app TikTok (owned by China) and messaging service WeChat (based in China) are not out of it.

huawei ban updateThe Huawei Android ban came into effect on May 15, 2019. Washington severed Huawei’s access to equipment and know-how of the U.S. such as Google Music and other smartphone facilities in 2019. Those sanctions along with Huawei Google ban were even stricter in May 2020 when the White House blocked sellers across the world from applying American know-how for manufacturing gears for Huawei. 

Richard Yu, President of Huawei’s consumer division, stated that the manufacturing of Kirin chips ceased operation on September 15. This is because of the need for US production technology manufacture by the servicers. He also mentioned Huawei cannot manufacture its indigenous chips. As of now, there is no immediate survival plan for the Chinese tech giant.

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