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Happiness is Having a Departmental Get-together Lunch

To increase employee satisfaction and improve retention companies spend a lot of money and time. By offering employees free lunch at work, companies can address all of those major issues while saving money. We will see some quotes about lunchLunch with friends quotes makes you think about the last lunch you had. It’s time to plan for another.

Eating as a team helps coworkers building deeper work relationships. This, in turn, can boost productivity. In a 2015 study on Human Performance, firefighters who eat together perform better together. Sharing food with colleagues can also build a good relationship between them. And as per the saying, “Sharing is Caring”, it is quite evident in building relationship with team members. Here are some eating together quotes

  • “From an evolutionary anthropology perspective, eating together has a long, primal tradition as a kind of social glue” – Kevin Kniffin
  • “When you see the lengths businesses go in order to kick-start cross-departmental collaboration, or the need for ‘skip-level meetings’ for executives to talk to frontline employees, it’s hard not to get very animated when explaining they could have all these initiatives taking place in an event that happens naturally every day — rather than through time-consuming meetings, presentations and emails” –  Michael Dean
  • “It shows a personal investment and that need to make sure that they’re happy here and they have everything they need to do a good job,” – Danielle Mahoney
  • “Company lunches will fail if they’re not eaten by everyone” – Michael Dean
  • “If you’re providing the right food this shouldn’t be a problem, but the moment managers stop participating or employees start routinely missing your lunches then the benefits begin to erode.” – Anonymous

Hope the lunch time quote made you happy. Check similar happiness quotes on getting promotion.

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