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How to Start a Blog? A Guide for the Beginners

Beginners looking out to starting their own blogs from scratch can feel completely lost. Keeping this confusion in mind, this guide can help you know how to start a blog for free with knowledge about the blogging basics.

What is a Blog?


Before jumping to how to start a blog, it is essential to know what blogs are. A blog is a simple website consisting of written content popularly known as blog posts. The content of the blogs can cover a wide range of topics, depending upon the information possessed by the writer, put together from their perspective. A blogger can also interact with their audience through the comments section. 

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How to Start a Blog?

The answer to the frequently asked question- “how to start a blog” is quite simple. Taking six simple steps you take can be the best way to start a blog, let us have a quick look at them:

  • Name Your Blog:

    After deciding on the topics to write about, all you need to do next is to choose a catchy, suitable name for your blog. A relevant blog name should typically be descriptive and easy to remember. After naming your blog, you must also choose a domain extension (.com is the most widely chosen).

  • Online registration and hosting of your Blog:

    best way to start blog
    To put your blog online, focus on the bundled package of blog hosting and blogging software. A blog hosting can help you with storing and circulating information to your audience. Other than that, it would help if you had software to build your blog.

  • Customize Your Blog:

    After logging in, you can make the desired changes to your blog in the WordPress administrator area. It is simple to handle, and the pre-given themes design your blog for you based on a simple click.

  • Publish the First Post:

    In the dashboard of your blog, click the “post” option, then begin writing, and add suitable images. Once done, click the”publish” option, and you are good to go. It is relatively easy to start blogging, but you must be persistent to see better results. Remember to analyze your SEO keywords to make sure you get the traffic. 

  • Promotion:

    Keeping in mind basic SEO tips will definitely result in better progress of your blog. Knowing about on-page SEO what is on-page SEO will help your website rank better. It is also essential to share the link to your blog widely, especially on social media platforms for better visibility.

  • Monetize your Blog:

    Once you know how to start a blog, and you have put enough hard work, your blog can also be the source of your income. When considering monetizing your blog, please keep in mind to explore the following:

    • Sell Advertising Space
    • Sell Advertising Space To Start A Blog
    • Selling Products And Services
    • Digital Downloads On How To Start A Blog
    • Memberships


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