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Self Love: The Best Project to Work on

What is Self Love? 

Before you know how to practice self-love, knowing what is self-love is essential. Self-love is the ability to take a moment to acknowledge your efforts and appreciate yourself well to experience allover growth. With an ever-growing awareness about mental well being in today’s time, it is crucial to recognize self-love as a part of it. 

If you know how to love yourself, it is likely to help you solve half your problems. Just in case you were not aware, it is often a necessity to put yourself first. Putting yourself first is not being selfish or narcissistic. In fact, practising self-love can ensure you do not agree to make peace with less than you deserve. 

How to Practice Self Love? 

You should definitely incorporate self-love as part of your everyday routine. Let us have a quick look at a few self-love techniques:

  • Remember the Positives:

At the beginning of each day, remind yourself of your positive qualities. A simple looking back at how tactfully you handled a situation or how eloquently you spoke can help to boost up your confidence.

  • Self Indulgence:

On odd days, remember that you deserve the best anyway. Sip your Brownie Smoothie, and munch on your favourite Cheese Fries every once in a while. Keep your heart happy and your face smiling? 

  • Body Positivity:

Always know that there is no airtight definition of a perfect body. Please do not give in to the imposed stereotypes about the ideal body image and appreciate your body for what it is. Additionally, make sure you stay healthy. 

  • A Good Company:

Ensuring people who are positive, encouraging, and genuine surround you at all points is an extension to the notion of self-love. Their love and support will only help you rediscover your worth over and over.

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  • Say Goodbye to the toxic friendships:

Take this piece of advice seriously. Stretching toxic friendships is a strict no-no if you want to develop self-love. Those who regularly make you feel lesser are in no way going to do you right.

  • Give Yourself Credit:

Self-love certainly talks about looking at your achievements. Celebrate even the smallest of your wins, and let the positivity prevail. A steady focus on positivity can help in improvement, too.  

  • Beyond the Comfort Zone:

The world does not confine to your comfort zone. Try new work, hobbies, travel destinations, or food. Once you do, to your surprise, you will get to know your abilities better. 

  • Reach Out:

Everyone goes through rough patches in life, ensure you talk to your near ones to heal, and not suffer alone.

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  • Say No:

It is necessary to be able to say no when and where required. If you don’t like or want something, unhesitatingly say no, it is no crime.

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