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Air Pollution Effects: An Analytical Study

Air pollution problems are widespread, ranging from respiratory issues to climate change and even affecting different structures. Most of the effects are severe and affect the planet and all of us. But first things first, what are the causes and effects of air pollution? In a nutshell, all the emissions from different factories and vehicles and other harmful practices release toxic chemicals and particles, which cause the pollution level to rise.

types of air pollutionCauses and effects of pollution

There can be numerous causes ranging from agricultural use of pesticides to emissions from factories. Even cigarette smoke contains a lot of carcinogens, which can cause air pollution and affect anyone nearby. A lot of chemicals such as paint and deodorants release particulate matter causing indoor pollution.

  • Air pollution and climate change

what causes pollutionCoal-based substances release many harmful gases and various particulate matters(PM). PMs are of two types where one type is responsible for the cooling effect while the other increases the temperature. Black Carbon, which is frequently abbreviated as BC, stays in the air for a comparatively shorter period but absorbs solar radiation and aids in global warming. BC is mostly emitted from fossil fuel combustion and even affects human health. Indoor sources such as reliance on wood combustion for cooking in many developing nations are an utter concern.

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  • Smog

pollute airThis happens because of smoke and fag when combining and can cause severe respiratory problems. The source of the smoke can be different depending on different locations and practices. Smog reduces visibility and disrupts day-to-day activities. People with asthma or lung cancer need to be careful in high pollution places as it can go to a dreadful extreme. In most cases, smog is a reaction between sunlight and nitrogen oxides and at least a volatile organic compound, a clear reflection of VOCs’ concentration in the air. Smog is even harmful to various plant species, and winds cannot carry it away.

  • Acid rain

acid rain causes and effectsAcid rain occurs mostly because of gases like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air, which mix with water and oxygen and thus the name acid rain. Acid rains affect almost everything, from humans to plants and animals and even various age-old structures. It deprives the soil of the essential nutrients which affect the plant kingdom at large and even decreases the PH level of the water bodies. Acid rain can also simulate various architectural beauties, especially those made of marble.

  • Effects on Animals

air pollution causes and effectsTraces of the effects of pollution are visible in animals. Scientists have found that birth abnormalities, decreasing reproductivity rates, and diseases significantly occur due to air pollution.

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  • Effects on Human Beings

People suffer from different diseases and infections like pneumonia, or in extreme cases, it can even lead to lung cancer or any permanent allergies.

Measures for Air Pollution

motor vehicle air pollution control actWe should together come forward to make a difference as each small step will lead us to a better future. Using public transport and responsibly using our resources will help the entire population. Also, we must ensure that our vehicles follow the latest emission protocols. It’s essential to understand the effects of trying to be safe and not let ourselves be affected by pollution. Once we are aware of the causes and effects of air pollution the only way forward is to minimize or eliminate such causes.

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