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How to Use PayPal on Amazon?

Though Amazon does not accept PayPal payment straight away, some certain hacks or tricks enable you to do so. The procedure of using a PayPal account balance to carry out shopping with Amazon is a minimum two-phase method and might ask for a little bit of patience. These simple tricks work like a wonder to use PayPal on Amazon.

Tricks to Use PayPal on Amazon

paypal business accountGiven below are the techniques on how you can use Amazon PayPal successful combination. PayPal frequently offers gift cards and other cards with the help of which you can do shopping from Amazon. However, there is no official contract between the retail giant and the payment services firm. The business model by Amazon has been fruitful for three major reasons.

Primarily, Amazon offers its diverse range of products at unbelievably affordable rates. Secondly, the shipment of their products takes place so fast that you will feel it is more helpful to place an order online than to visit a brick-and-mortar store that asks for a lot of time. Last but not least, the whole shopping procedure, starting from shopping to checkout, is quite customer-friendly.

paypal mobile appsLogically, it is ideal for Amazon, the online retail behemoth, to collaborate with PayPal. At present, PayPal is one of the most prominent online payment processing firms in the world. However, the fact is that Amazon does not acknowledge PayPal payments – not direct payments, as a minimum. There are certain reasons for it. 

Why PayPal Payment is not accepted by Amazon?

paypal apkAmazon does not operate with PayPal and there are two key reasons behind it. First of all, PayPal was earlier a constituent of eBay that was a direct contender of Amazon. For a considerable period (from 2002-2015), PayPal has been associated with eBay. Since then, PayPal has separated into an autonomous brand. However, they have kept their association with eBay intact.  

The second reason is that PayPal is a direct contender of Amazon Pay. Similar to PayPal, several third-party retail merchants acknowledge Amazon Pay. In this way, Amazon allows customers to make use of Amazon payment techniques outside the instant domain of Amazon itself.

How can you use PayPal on Amazon?

You can’t use PayPal directly to buy products from Amazon. Nonetheless, there are two easy techniques to solve this stalemate. Both of these techniques entail the indirect usage of PayPal.

Buying Amazon Gift Cards

paypal businessOne of the simplest techniques of using PayPal with Amazon for shopping is to buy Amazon gift cards with your PayPal account. Websites such as eGifter use a PayPal account balance to offer gift cards for Amazon. Subsequently, you can use that gift card for shopping usually on Amazon.

You just need to ensure that you authenticate any website from which you are getting gift cards is secure.

Use a Business Debit MasterCard or PayPal Cash Card 

paypal for business accountIf you have set plans for shopping frequently from Amazon with your PayPal account balance, then obtaining a PayPal Business Debit MasterCard or Cash Card is a good choice for you. PayPal Business Debit MasterCard will be available to all PayPal Business Account holders. You can use these cards in the typical checkout procedure while buying items from Amazon.

Obtaining a PayPal card is easy and deserves the endeavour when you don’t wish your money to sit idle in your PayPal account and it can be used for buying whatever you wish. You can also earn money using Paypal account.  

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