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VSCO Essentials- What to Include in the VSCO Girls’ Starter Kit?

VSCO girls are a subculture that is gaining prominence among the youth. You can relate the culture with the teenagers and girls in their mid-20s. This youth subculture derives its name from the popular photography app called VSCO. Do you want to know what to include in the VSCO girls’ Starter Kit?

vsco girl kitVSCO girls “dress and act in a way that is nearly indistinguishable from one another”. They can be found in T-shirts that are “oversized”, and use Crocs, Hydro Flasks, Birkenstocks, friendship bands, Polaroid cameras, Pura Vida, and scrunchies. Also, you will be able to find them adorning beach jewellery. Interestingly, topics related to sea turtle conservation and beach-related fashion is very much typical of the VSCO culture

VSCO essentials- Know what is included

You can go through the following VSCO girl checklist if you are wondering how to be a VSCO girl. Check out the trends below-

  • Clothes they wear

vsco girl backgroundsKnow that you are looking at a VSCO girl if you spot her in an oversized T-shirt that is big enough to cover the shorts that they wear. Mostly, they wear Nike shorts or “mom jeans”. Vans and Birkenstocks are the two most popular brands when it comes to shoes. Crocs are common too and include them in their style often. 

  • Hairdo

vsco girl makeupTo get the typical “light” look, they keep their hair open or simple. Makeup is minimal. Ideally, most say that the VSCO girls do not spend much on maintaining their hair. Thus, scrunchie or a bun is typical of their subcultureWhen it comes to makeup, the brands they use include Carmex lip balm and Burt’s Bees. Glossier Cloud Paint for blush. Facial sprays from Mario Badescu. 

According to many, VSCO girls are just the opposite of what you would expect any Instagram model or celebrity to look like when they wear heavy makeup to get the perfect look. 

  • Accessories 

vsco girlsTo complement their style and fashion statement, you will find scrunchies on their wrist or Pura Vida bracelets are a common sight too. Mostly, they go for “handmade” stuff for using on their wrists. If you are interested in following the subculture and you are in the age bracket, the above 3 points can serve as a VSCO girl list. 

Aside from the above, the brands that they stick to for their fashion statement, include the likes of Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Fjallraven, Nike, LuLulemon. Environmental advocacy” is a trait that you will find among the VSCO girls belonging to the subculture. 

The lifestyle of the VSCO girls according to the writer of BuzzFeed Lauren Strapagiel “VSCO girls are, by and large, white, thin, and have enough money to buy the various high-end items the trend includes”. 

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One of the biggest giveaways of the VSCO girls is their attire. Most of the time, the accessories that they wear and the items from the VSCO girls’ starter kit belong to the same brand always. 

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