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Top 5 Popular Project Management Tracking Tools: An Overview

Project managers constantly use several tools to keep tabs on the advancement of the projects and also to measure their degree of success. These tools or software are frequently known as project management tracking software. PERT Chart, Gantt Chart, Logic Network, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) are some commonly used concepts for project management tracking tools.

Project Management Tracking Tools: What is their importance?

project planning toolsProject management tracking software is indispensable for project tracking. Project tracking is a technique of project management for monitoring the advancement (or absence thereof) of operations performed in projects. In this way, project managers can pinpoint probable problems and work them out. The entire procedure of project tracking commences at the start of the project with planning and continues till the finish of the respective project.

For any project manager, project tracking comprises the major part of his task. The entire task boils down to minute details in the small print. If you have a tight schedule, how will you get the time to track your projects efficiently and precisely? Now, there are various tools for project management that will make your task easy. You need the most suitable project management tracking tools and software to perform your task in a level-headed manner. Given below are some well-known project management tracking tools that you can utilize while scheduling any project:

1) Toggl Plan

project management platform

Toggl Plan is a Gantt-pattern software that concentrates on programming, designing, interacting, and delivering the products. It ranks among the best tools for project managers. It is available free of cost and you can view the team timeline or chronology quickly to find out what everybody is working on. The zoom levels enable users to get weekly, monthly, and tri-monthly views for additional particulars.

2) Todoist

project management tools listTodoist is a top-rated project management tool that is preferred by experienced project managers. Nearly every platform supports Todoist and it renders a broad range of useful tools that efficient managers would definitely like.



3) OmniPlan

project management budget tracking toolsOmniPlan is a popular software project management tool that is only available on iOS platforms. It follows the Gantt chart pattern and offers the users simple accessibility to the timeline generated by it. OmniPlan’s user-friendly design has helped it garner satisfactory reviews from countless project managers. Project managers working as freshers can also reap benefits from it. The only downside is that it can only run on Apple gadgets. However, the users enjoy compatibility with iPhones and iPads and can make the most out of it.

4) GanttPRO

project management softwareGanttPRO is a software for project management with strong attributes and a magnificent interface. Project managers and project teams around the world find GanttPRO to be quite spontaneous to begin functioning on projects in only 10-15 minutes.


GanttPRO is an operational solution for the following areas

  • Progress monitoring
  • Task handling
  • Team cooperation/teamwork
  • Budget and cost handling
  • Resource handling
  • And, certainly, time monitoring

Teams and managers can promptly find out who is working on which area, who is overburdened with work, and in contrast, who has time for an additional assignment.

5) Scoro

project managersScoro is another project management software that concentrates on small-to-medium scale enterprises like publicity, information technology, and consultancy. It is a cloud-oriented software.

Scoro is unparalleled since the users can sync several quotes, assignments, calendars, and specific projects so that the project managers can handle them in one place.

Besides the abovementioned project management tracking software, there are popular options like Paymo, Office Timeline, Activecollab, Trello, and Jira that can work effectively as tracking tools for project managers.

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