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How to use Rabb.it: Some fundamental ideas

Rabbit, also named Rabb.it, was a popular mobile application and video streaming website that came into existence in 2014. Based out of California, US, Rabbit allowed countless users to distantly surf and view the same content simultaneously. 

How to use Rabb.it: Some basic facts 

how to start a rabbit streamTo use Rabb.it, a host had to generate a room and send requests to others to join it. As a substitute, the host can make the room open to the public so that it is noticeable on the homepage of the site. In this way, anybody can participate in this room and share content with the help of a virtual machine known as “Rabbitcast”. Alternatively, they can also use the “Share on Rabbit” Google Chrome extension. A sign-up option with Facebook was also available for the users.

Using the rabbit chrome extension is easy. Viewers just need to open their chosen website in another tab. In it, they have to click the rabbit extension icon and subsequently, “start sharing”. It would open the video on Rabb.it. Nonetheless, the original tab has to remain open.  


rabbit streamingNo matter what content the host shares, the same gets visible to the other participants of the rabb.it rooms together with visuals and sound. Rabb.it rendered audiovisuals and text messages together with this feature.

Rabbit did not introduce the content watched on it and this is different from other well-admired streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube. Rather, it streamed Rabbitcast, which is a virtual machine equipped with a web browser. Users utilized this browser to redirect to other content and sites.

The Rabbitcast served as a Rabb.it- launched, common Firefox browser that anybody in the room could watch and regulate. There was a pre-installed advertisement blocker or ad filter in the in-built web browser.  

How did the Rabbit website perform? 

how does rabb.it workIn 2013, following a beta release that provided restricted Mac-based operability, the organization undertook the venture of restyling Rabb.it in the form of a web application. This initiative took place in the summer months of 2014. The facility was launched and by the close of the year, it achieved around 400,000 users. There were approximately 3.6 million participants every month. Rabbit streaming service witnessed the viewers utilizing the service and watching its content for 12.5 hours each month on an average basis. Among them, the most dynamic participants used Rabbit streaming for 28 hours and 30 minutes monthly. In May 2019, the organization had just 30 workers throughout the world.

how to use rabbit tvHowever, there was a formal declaration from the CEO of Rabbit website, Amanda Richardson in July 2019. It stated that the site was going to shut down its business. This was the outcome of a series of venture capital funding gone haywire in May 2019. The CEO had no other way out but to retrench employees and start closing down Rabb.it straightaway. Despite declarations that every employee had to leave the company, the website still stayed in a semi-operational status till July 31, 2019. At this point in time, the servers of the website ultimately ceased operations. 

A proclamation made on July 31, 2019, stated that the leftover resources like software pile, intellectual property, and various copyrights – had been taken over by Kast, a similar streaming site.  Therefore, since July 31, 2019, this popular content-sharing site has been tagged as defunct.


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