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Movie time? 7 Best Way to Watch Movies Together Online

The social distancing and COVID makes all miss movie nights the most. The one question which pops into every individual’s mind is, how to watch movies with friends online. Some of the best ways to watch a movie together online include zoom, house party, and many more. This article will help you evaluate the best options available when it comes to watching movies online.


watch movies together

This platform helps the user to play youtube, Netflix, and many other games and movie platform. The users get permission to share their screen as well. A chat room is all that requires to watch movies together online with a friend.


Most of the recent movies are there on Netflix. A google extension named Netflix party helps people to watch movies together with friends and family remotely.


Two seven is also an extension available in google chrome, safari, and many more. It allows HBO Now, Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Disney, and Hulu.


Scener is similar to Netflix party but it has a feature to allow the users/ friends to text and video chat while watching a movie. This platform allows exchanging documents as well.


website to watch movies with friends

MyCircle TV is a website to watch movies with friends. It does not need any registration and people can connect and watch a movie together while using voice chat.



  • GAZE

This user friendly and kids friendly software allows to sync-watch movies. One can video chat simultaneously.


watch movies

In this digital era, almost every individual has an account on Skype and Zoom. The participant just needs to create an account and schedule a meeting. One just has to make sure to make the meeting private.

With the above-mentioned software and extension, an individual would be able to Netflix and chill with friends virtually. Not just Netflix, but this extension will help to stream movies on various other platforms. All you need to keep in mind is which of the above platform allows you to watch a movie from the source you want. So through these, one will be able to watch movies together online.



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