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What’s it Like to Live in North Korea?

North Korea’s threats to the outside world always grab the media’s attention. But it’s the North Korean people who face the biggest threat of all. It’s illegal for North Koreans to leave their country without the government’s permission. Let’s see what’s it like to live in North Korea. The video will cover how do people live in North Korea.

North Koreans also must belong to a neighborhood unit called the inminban that consists of 20-40 families. The unit is overseen by a local leader whose job it is to assist the authorities in surveilling that neighborhood.

Watch the video to know more about North Korea lifestyle

The country constantly reminds the North Korean people how important the military is to the survival of the country. Millions of dollars and labor hours are spent glorifying the Kim family at the expense of the North Korean economy and welfare of the North Korean people. Despite these tremendous challenges, the North Korean people are making significant progress towards their own freedom.


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