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Are There Planets Like Earth?

The search for planets like Earth has always been a scientists’ area of interest. Most of the alien planet discoveries were made by the Kepler Space Telescope to help NASA find new Earth-like planets.

To support life, a planet must be relatively small and be located in the habitable zone of its star. Additionally, water should exist in liquid form on the planet’s surface.

NASA has found a few planets similar to Earth. They are-

  • Gliese 667Cc

It lies just 22 light-years from Earth and is at least 4.5 times in size. However, the planet orbits around its host star in just 28 days and is located in the habitable zone.

  • Kepler-22b

This planet lies 600 light years away from us and is about 2.4 times its size. But, its orbit is around 290 days long.

  • Kepler-62f

This planet is about 40 percent larger and lies about 1,200 light-years away. Its 267-day orbit, however, puts Kepler-62f squarely within the habitable zone


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