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What is the Tesla battery day 2020?

Tesla recently organized the annual Tesla battery day on the 22nd of September, 2020. The annual meeting event commemorates the revolutionary Tesla inventions including the Tesla battery that have reshaped energy production. Tesla inventions project futuristic, technology-driven tools like cameras and GPS in their vehicles and are committed to the environmental cause. The event kept the ongoing Covid-19 protocols and held an outdoor socially distanced meet which was also aired virtually. The Tesla battery day this year also included the Tesla shareholders’ meet. Tesla shareholders, quarter after quarter, have received great profits until now with Tesla Stock. The Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other presenters addressed Tesla shareholders who were inside their parked cars and honked to mark their presence and approval of the speakers’ announcements. 

TESLA BATTERY DAY: Announcements

At the Tesla Battery Day event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made some major announcements for his plans of further revolutionizing the Tesla battery inventor ethos. The following were the main announcements: 

tesla model s

  • To improves the Tesla battery range, Tables batteries are to be employed
  • Tesla endeavors to shift toward lithium and other alternatives in its batteries whole eliminating cobalt 
  • For the Tesla Model S, a new Plaid powertrain is to be implemented that could make the Model reach speeds of 200 mph!
  • A new cathode plant to empower the Tesla battery production. 
  • And lastly, with all these advancements and upgrades, Tesla plans to make a new $25,000 car!

Let us discuss these announcements in further detail in the following sections.

TESLA BATTERY DAY: Tables batteries and Powertrain

  • Tesla has further ramped up its strategies to acquire a larger space in automobile markets. It is planning to produce its personal ‘tabless’ Tesla battery to boost the range and also the power of Tesla vehicles. These will be built in-house and help in bringing down the cost of Tesla electric cars approximately to the gasoline-powered vehicles. This reduces the Tesla battery cost per Kwh. The 4680 cells are going to make the batteries 6 more powerful and enhance the range up to 16 percent.
  • Tesla batteryMusk has talked about the new Tesla Model S, a plaid powertrain that is going to be a step above its ludicrous model. The range of the new Tesla battery is up to 520 miles after a charge. It has a top speed of 200 mph and can go from 0-60 mph within 2 seconds. This model will be priced at $139,990 and will become available in late 2021.

Tesla inventions for a better future

  • To ease out the cathode production method and decrease the chain costs Tesla decided to set up a new cathode plant. The Tesla CEO said that Tesla is also improving its methods which will result in zero water waste and make the cathodes cheaper by 76%.  As a result of low nickel supplies, the company is also planning to diversify the cathodes which are required in production.
  • Tesla further plans to decrease the use of cobalt in the cathodes. It’s important to mention that cobalt mining conditions violate human rights. This has led the company to find other materials for replacing cobalt. Tesla has not yet given a timeline as to when they will stop the use of cobalt. But they have assured that the Tesla battery will now be noticeably cheaper.

A major drawback of the Tesla battery inventor car Models is that they are extremely cost-effective. The main expense is in the Tesla battery maintenance, manufacture, and charging. So with the new technologies, tabless batteries, and cheaper material, the Tesla CEO promised a new $25,000 electric car. On Tesla battery day, Elon Musk claimed this to be the best way to halve the price per kilowatt-hour. 


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