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Tesla Cars will Change Your Driving Experience! Here’s How

Tesla has been at the helm of several stories over the past decade. From the business tycoon of Tesla’s Elon Musk being caught up in controversies time and again to the company’s stocks leading the global market, Tesla has been in the news. So, it is important to know how we can invest in Tesla.

What is the most worthwhile contribution of Tesla?

It is the introduction of electric cars into the market. The tesla car can run on batteries. The tesla battery has been a tried and tested method of running cars.

What are the benefits of owning tesla car?

  1. Tesla is the safest car in the known Universe:

tesla xTesla x scored 5 stars safety rating from several car rating agencies from all over the world. NHTSA’s test shows that Tesla is a car with one of the lowest probabilities of incurring hospital bills during an accident. 

So, it is a good bid to get a Tesla x, no matter what car you own. This makes the perfect candidate for those who are a little careless on the streets. 

  1. Take a back seat (Literally!) –

tesla carTesla remains the top company where any car that ships to you will have inbuilt self-driving technology. It obviously brings every vehicle with all and every essential hardware for complete self-driving. Tesla car comes with the atmosphere software upkeep and it improves on self-driving features continuously. Autopilot brings in your vehicle to move, increase speed, and stop by detecting censors and using censor motion for other vehicles and people or animals within its line of sight. FSD is known as full self-driving and is an important feature that brings with itself directing on autopilot, auto-driving change, parking automation, and call. Some improved features will arrive in 2021, such as understand and carry movements in accordance with traffic monitor and signal detection and self-monitored movements on the street and busy traffic.

  1. Dashcam to support AI driven movement:

Tesla’s inbuilt dash cameras function as a visual recording device that keeps track of all four sides of the vehicle. There’s no mass-produced four-wheeler in the world with such an advanced feature. 

  1. Access to Sentry Mode:

Sentry Mode augments the already unique car by installing a never-seen-before protective layer to Tesla vehicles by a thorough understanding of its entire environment whenever it’s left with human monitoring. When in use, Sentry Mode begins a “Watchdog” state, like home security systems makes very good use of the Tesla vehicle’s external cameras to understand and eliminate potential threats.

  1. The Camping Car:

tesla elon muskTesla is a must have if car camping is something you like. They are the best for car camping. If you love staying at the campground and the campsite where you live has access to electricity, you can charge your Tesla motor at no overnight costs or recurring bills. Moreover, you can even have a slumber party in your Tesla, by keeping the car air-conditioned from the within. This option would be a big no-no in the case of a car that runs on gas. 



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