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Unpopular Nicola Tesla Inventions That Never Made It to the Science Books

Nicola Tesla inventions pdf claim that Serbian born Nicola Tesla was one of History’s great inventors. Whose inventions were futuristic, to be honest! He is best known for his contribution to designing the modern alternating current electricity supply system. 

He was born on 10th July 1856 in the Austrian Empire which is now known as Croatia.

tesla model s

Some of the Tesla inventions we use today are

  1. AC motor.
  2. Plasma Globe.
  3. Carbon Button Lamp.
  4. Induction Motor.
  5. Death Ray.
  6. Plasma lamp.
  7. tesla model xResonant Inductive Coupling.
  8. Polyphase System.
  9. Radio Control.
  10. Tesla Coil.
  11. Teleforce.
  12. Rotating and Magnetic Field.
  13. Vacuum Variable Capacitor.
  14. Torpedo.
  15. Violet Ray etc.

These are some of his significant inventions in the field of science. But today we are here to talk about some of the unpopular tesla inventions that never made it to the laboratory.

  • Earthquake Machine, the most underrated Tesla invention

tesla model y

One day around 1893, when Tesla was testing a steam-powered mechanical oscillator, he accidentally caused the ground and building to shake heavily. The machine was supposed to generate high-speed electricity, but somehow Tesla used inventory incorrectly and caused trouble. Police and ambulance came immediately to his house to investigate and check for any injured person. This invention should ideally feature Nicola Tesla inventions that changed the world


  • Artificial Tidal Wave: Nicola tesla best inventions

The artificial tidal wave is one of the greatest Tesla Nicola inventions that never made it to reality. Both engineers and physicists of that time believed, Science could use its power to prevent warfare. In the year 1907, Tesla innovated another military program that claimed to destroy enemy fleets by wireless telegraphy detonations of high explosives. The government officials thought that it will hasten the peace between countries and dropped off the tesla stock plan.

  • Wireless Energy Transmission, no.1 Tesla secret invention

As you know, most of Tesla’s inventions are in the sector of electrical engineering and transmission. Other than Tesla’s popular Alternative Current invention, this one got quite of fame as well. If made, we could have seen this in Tesla Inventions images. But somehow it got canceled in the future. Famous American Financier J.P Morgan was to fund the building of the wireless energy transmission tower. But later he denied doing that, and the sour Tesla investor relations stalled the invention forever.

  • Remote Controlled Navies: Tesla vehicles

tesla motors

Remote Control Navy is one of the most popular yet underrated inventions in the sector of Tesla inventor cars. Electronic engineering and military technology aren’t the only factors that involved Tesla’s works. He worked for motor engineering as well. Tesla motors believed in making wars so catastrophic that, the participants started to fear the war-zone and stopped engaging in it. And that’s why he innovated the first-ever remote control navy. Tesla news stated the reasons why this navy got canceled due to uncertain reasons.

These are some of the unpopular and underrated Tesla inventions that never made their way into the Science books for various reasons.

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