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Major Snow Storm Could Wallop NYC and Northeast Regions

December 15, New York: A major winter storm is all set to wallop substantial parts of the Tri-state area including the Mid-Atlantic, according to AccuWeather Forecast. New York City could be under a thick layer of snow, ranging anywhere between 8.5 to 12.5 inches. Another more aggressive model shows, areas west and north of the city getting snowfall as thick as two feet. 

Prediction of the Major Winter Storm

Referring to the Weather Prediction Center’s statement, it can be understood that its effects will be substantial. There are high chances of travel disruption and excessive power outages in much of southern New England and the Mid-Atlantic. 

The storm will begin on Wednesday (today) in western North-Carolina and by mid-to-late afternoon it will gradually engulf major metro areas in the Northeast. Extreme snowfall is expected to occur in the north and near the Interstate 95 corridor from Washington to Boston. 

According to a meteorologist, the predicted weather models seem pretty convincing and if they turn out to be exactly as foretold, it will certainly increase the amount of snow in New York to 12 inches. 

Topographical Variations of Intensity

If New York records a the-kind-a-snowstorm as foretold, then it will one of the maximums or the heaviest snowfalls since the momentous blizzard of January 2016. Amounts of snowfall will vary depending upon where the centre of the storm tracks and also which all places register the heaviest snow bands. Some even suggest that New York can witness snow levels as thick as 14 inches, probably in a few weeks. 

Lying on the northern fringe of the storm, Boston can witness a more drastic shift in precipitation amounts, depending upon the location of the storm tracks. Residents can see snow levels ranging anywhere between a few inches to more than 12 inches of snow. 

Washington lying on the southern end of the region will register heavy snowfall as well. However, the intensity of the same will depend upon the amount of warm air that will filter into the city. 

According to the National Weather Service, the storm gradient could quite stark with snow levels reaching one foot. And if the snowfall is mixed with warm air, then sleet and freezing rain would come as a bonus at Washington, along with the snowfall. 

The same air is expected to bring in a wintry mix of ice and snow in regions such as north-western North Carolina and southwest Virginia. 

Safety Measures to be taken during the Storm

In keeping with public safety assistance, winter storm watches have already been posted for more than 25 million individuals in 10 states spanning across Massachusetts to southwest Virginia. 

Some areas, especially those lying along the coastline are further expected to experience blustery winds, coming very close to blizzard. Experts opine that while sustained winds with a speed of 25 to 35 mph could be usual, occasional gusts as high as 45mph will keep crossing every then and now. 

Authorities across all the above-mentioned regions have geared up and taken necessary measures to combat the major winter storm situation. As for the rest, let’s wait and watch and of course be prepared to face it!

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