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What Will You Require for Survival in Space

Have you ever wondered what you will need for survival in space? Can you survive in space without protection from different electro-magnetic rays? Humans are great at living in tough places. Even before we developed modern technology, we had spread out to live in all of Earth’s continents – from the really cold areas in North America, Europe and Asia, to the hottest parts of Australia. But there are still lots of places on Earth humans can’t normally survive – like underneath the ocean, or at the South Pole. Those places are dangerous – without protection, you would die in seconds or minutes. But, thanks to modern technology, we’ve worked out how to live there. People can live for months at a time under the oceans, or down at the icy South Pole. Life in the space will be full of danger. In space, there’s no air – so you couldn’t breathe. It’s cold – so you’d freeze.

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There’s this amazing place orbiting the Earth called the International Space Station – and there are people who live there, all day, every day. You can sometimes even see it from your back yard, on a clear night! Again, though, it’s not safe for people to live their forever, and being in space for a long time isn’t good for your body.

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