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Surprise Your Loved Ones this New Year with Cottage Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Are you planning to surprise your loved ones this new year? Whether you are vegan or not, mushrooms are the things that your taste buds crave for. Mushrooms are the perfect festive food when you want to surprise your near and dear ones. 

Mushrooms not only come with a lot of nutrients, but it also works wonders for those who want to lose weight. Mushrooms can also save you from diseases like diabetes, cancer, and so on. Its fibre content reduces the blood sugar level, the vitamins and essential minerals present lower the growth of bad cholesterol, thus preventing heart diseases.

Now, let’s come to the part we are all waiting for. Yes, this simple stuffed mushroom recipe

Watch this Easy Recipe of Cottage Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms


Mushrooms also help in maintaining the electrolyte balance and are very much effective in lowering high blood pressure level. Mushrooms also help to prevent cardiac arrests or strokes. 

This New Year, let’s have a blast by preparing this cheesy stuffed mushrooms recipe. What’s better you can ask all your family members to join and make this a gala New Year’s family event!

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