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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Software: One of the best of its kind

At present, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the most sought-after data recovery software used by PC users across the world. EaseUS is a one-stop solution for comprehensive file recovery from Windows laptops, desktops, and other Windows-supported gadgets.  

How does EaseUS Data Recovery Software work?

EaseUS data recovery software supports real-time data recovery situations such as the following:

  • Formatting of hard drives
  • Deletion of data
  • RAW data

EaseUS data recovery software is miles ahead of other data recovery software companies in terms of success rate.

EaseUS ranks among the best data recovery software products available in the market with its free data recovery software fit for combating various data loss scenarios. Furthermore, one of the best free data recovery software, the data recovery cost up to 2GB is free. Additionally, this well-acclaimed data recovery software free download is available in the Mac version as well. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free features a user-friendly method, along with a convenient set of tools to assist you in retrieving files that you have inadvertently deleted from your PC.

When you lose valuable data, you feel bothered. Now, how would you recover those sensitive files? There is no gainsaying that utilizing EaseUS data recovery software is one of the best possible options available to you. Whether it is images, documents, videos, or anything else, this best professional data recovery software can retrieve them from all types of data loss situations. 

Retrieval of lost data  

Delete operations such as pressing “Shift + Delete,” clicking “Delete,” or vacating the Recycle Bin are the principal perpetrators for data loss in our day-to-day life. Fortunately, EaseUS data recovery software seamlessly aids deleted data regaining in these circumstances.

1. Partition Recovery

Carrying out partition recovery becomes inevitable when you delete partitions, lose them, lose RAW data, and also when they become inaccessible. The efficiency-oriented file recovery software offered by EaseUS will help you retrieve files from the partition smoothly.

2. Retrieving Storage Media 

You get bowled over while there is any harm to the external storage device or HDD. They can also get unprocurable or corrupted. With the help of EaseUS data recovery software (free), there is a substantial probability to recover your lost files from an appear-to-be-impaired USB drive, internal/external HDD, digital camera, SD card, video player, or any other compatible gadgets.

3. Emergency Data Retrieval 

Even though these occurrences are rather uncommon, catastrophes such as unpredicted system crashes, file-corrupting virus strikes, and grave boot botch arrive with data loss concerns. It’s always sensible to implement the PC data recovery tool for retrieving the files concealed and erased by the malicious program or data gone due to unintended system closedown.

4. Retrieval of a formatted file 

No matter you format the storage device deliberately or involuntarily, the outcomes are more or less similar. Hence, every file on the storage device gets erased. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a time-tested way to retrieve data from a formatted hard drive, partition, memory card, USB drive, or any other storage mediums.

Other benefits offered by EaseUS data recovery software free download

Other salient benefits provided by EaseUS data recovery software free download are listed below for your convenience:

  • Export/import sessions

    Big-sized drives might require an extensive period to scan. The export/import sessions help you start, pause, or re-start a data retrieval scanning procedure whenever you wish. This helps you tailor your data retrieval plan.

  • Tags precisely locate files 

    Using tags is one of the quickest means to find files effectively. This outstanding characteristic categorizes associated formats such as audios, images, and documents. It leads to a flawless and prompt data recovery process. 

  • Sophisticated scan algorithm

    Constant updating of its algorithm is the USP of EaseUS and it uses two scanning modes in doing so. Hence, the Deep Scan asks for more time to search the drive gradually for profoundly hidden files. At the same time, the Quick Scan will require less time.

  • Retrieving data while scanning

    This option helps you retrieve any data that is surfacing in the outcomes throughout the scan procedure. There is no need to hold back till the entire scanning procedure finishes, which considerably saves your time.

  • Filter a particular type of file

    Using the “filter” is the fastest means to choose the wanted files from a plethora of leads. It assists you in filtering a particular file category and enables you to access what you require quickly.

  • Preview to ascertain the reliability

    To confirm a real recovery, users have the option to preview files such as videos, photos, music, MS Excel, MS Word, Text, or MS PowerPoint, to guarantee that the data remains integral and retrievable.

For the ease of users, EaseUS data recovery software is available in three versions: Free, Pro, and Pro+Bootable Media. Hence, with their help, you can recover over 1,000 kinds of file formats.

EaseUS data recovery software provides more than you see at first glance. The fundamental aspects would help you differentiate EaseUS data recovery software free from its competitors and use it more expeditiously.


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