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Tips on Growth Hacking Ideas, Strategies, and Techniques

Regardless of whether you are the owner of a startup or a well-established business, you have to put in all efforts so that you are able to make new customers and retain the old ones. This is achieved by making the optimum usage of the resources that are at your disposal. 

Also, working out innovative ways to get definitive results is a strategy that you must adopt. Growth hacking ideas were first used by business entities to attract prospective clients and customers. 

Growth hacking strategies at work-Explore the possibilities

The steps mentioned below are sure to make things work for you if you are aiming for the stars. However, you must religiously and judiciously follow these steps and download hacking apps that might add value to your business

  • Adapt to the change

download hacking apps

One of the best growth hacks is to adopt and adapt to the changes that are taking place in the dynamic market environment. The goal of the business is growing so the business owner will be able to follow and incorporate analytical and creative strategies to facilitate the same. 

However, there might be instances when the cost of customer acquisition might be quite high for businesses engaged in e-commerce owing to their business model. And this is where the concept of growth hacking comes into play. 

You will come across many such people that consider growth hacking similar to inbound marketing. However, there is a lot of difference. In the case of inbound marketing, you employ the nuances of email marketing and existing strategies that you have been using for many years. 

On the other hand, in the case of growth hacking, you either create a new marketing idea or work upon an existing one to attain your business goals. Basically, we mean expansion by the word growth

And when we talk about growth hack, it means the ways by which we can “cut through” the obstacles and grow. As the name implies it does not mean “writing malicious scripts or codes to infiltrate an individual or company’s database or website”. But it is to create a solution that is creative to solve any such problem. 

  • Set realistic goals

Regardless of whether your company is small, medium-sized, or large, if you implement growth hack strategies, do so with an objective in mind that is attainable. Do not set a utopian goal that is beyond your capacity to achieve. It leads to disappointment. 

marketing hack

You have to forego the old and traditional ways of marketing to make way for new-age techniques for marketing hack and earning leads. For instance, if you just develop a product that is related to any niche, finance, medicine, pharmaceutical, and try to promote it to your clients, it is not enough. 

Instead, there are a number of parameters that you have to take into account. Ideally, a growth hacker would first increase the client base. This is because if you do not have many customers, it does not make sense in promoting your brand

App Growth Hacking

These days app strategy related to marketing has gained immense prominence. If you want to sell your app in the market and you run an app business, check out these app growth hacking strategies that you can adopt for your business.

  • Landing page of your app

One of the mobile app growth hacks is to have a landing page. Once you have it with the help of search engine optimization, you can draw web traffic to your mobile as well as the desktop version of the app’s website. However, connecting with your target audience with the help of visualization of your app helps immensely. 

mobile app growthNot only that the app you develop must also have links that take visitors to the App Store or Google Play Store with an essential call to action option. 

Aside from that, you must allow other users to read through the reviews that your app has earned. This is crucial to develop trust in the users’ minds. 

  • ASO or App Store Optimization

It is the process by which you can enhance the visibility of your app in both the App Store and Google Play Store. It is not enough to improve visibility, but you must be able to persuade the visitor till he installs. 

Remember, ASO is similar to SEO where you have to zero-in on those keywords that will help you to get better visibility in the app stores. Incorporate a video of in-app usage for your clients or customers. 

  • Marketing on social media platforms

Since you are into app marketing, you must post your products on a regular basis across all the major social media platforms

For that matter, you can create a community of visitors that are looking for a common product. Once they sue the app, encourage them to give their feedback. 

  • Utilize influencer marketing

Digital marketing hacksOne of the latest growth hacking ideas is to use the skills of an influencer marketer to promote your products. These influencers usually have a vast following. And if you want to send a message to your target audience, you can avail the services of the influencer and promote your products to her/his followers. In return, you pay a fee for allowing you to access the followers or rather prospective leads of the influencer. 

Statistics have proved that this avenue of marketing gives immense returns and many businesses have witnessed huge growth in their clientele following the concept of influencer marketing

Whatever growth hacking ideas you choose, it must be in tandem with what you are trying to sell. Follow the concept of growth hacking closely and adhere to the principles of the same.

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