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How to Check the Status of Stimulus Check: The Ins And Outs!

If you are raising a question when is the stimulus check coming? The Internal Revenue Service will shortly launch a tool. It will enable prospective recipients to monitor their payment. The name of the IRS tool is the “Get My Payment” portal. This portal is going to be a modernized version of the much-used tool US citizens employed to monitor the second stimulus check status.  


When is the stimulus check coming?

The Internal Revenue Service has already begun transferring the Nancy Pelosi second stimulus check. There might be a pertinent question “when will we get stimulus checks?” For this, the Internal Revenue Service is shortly coming up with an online tool. The tool is utilized by US citizens to monitor the status of their stimulus checks during the first round. You can use a coronavirus relief check calculator to figure out the amount you are entitled to receive from the IRS. 

coronavirus relief check

Up to Sunday afternoon, January 3, the tool is still to be launched. However, the IRS is acting on a second stimulus check update. It will upload it on its official website shortly. Once the fresh version goes live, you can verify the status of both your 1st and 2nd stimulus checks. Both English and Spanish versions of this tool are available. If an individual has got more than one 1st-round disbursement, the widget will display just the latest disbursal details.   

Nevertheless, there are particular scenarios where you might be denied access to the portal.

Assume denial of access if:

  • You didn’t file a tax return  for 2019;
  • You did not utilize the “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here” tool by 21st November 2020, for receiving a 1st-round stimulus payment; or
  • You are entitled to Social Security support or other federal aids, and there are not sufficient details with the IRS from the proper federal bureau for routing your amount.

There is anticipation that the restructured “Get My Payment” online portal will somewhat function similarly to the tool implemented for the 1st-round stimulus checks. Therefore, given below is a ready reckoner on what the “Get My Payment” tool can perform, what details you have to furnish, and what data the tool will render. Ascertain these so that you’re prepared to move while the tool becomes life once more. 

What is the purpose of the Stimulus Check Portal?

It is anticipated that the modified “Get My Payment” tool will enable you to:

  • Track the status of your second stimulus payment
  • Receive a proposed paper check or direct deposit transfer date (or determine if a disbursement hasn’t been slated) and
  • Verify the kind of disbursement you’re going to receive (direct deposit or paper check)
  • Get a direct deposit. Input your bank account details if the Internal Revenue Service has no data regarding your direct deposit and they haven’t disbursed your amount until now.

Modifications were carried out to the previous version of the portal not more than one time every day, usually after every night. This is likely to happen once more. As a consequence, you don’t need to view the portal more than once every day.

What details do you have to furnish? 

second stimulus payment

If you’re a beginner, you’ll likely be required to furnish an:

  • Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN) or Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Street address 
  • Date of birth and
  • Five-digit postal or ZIP code.

Is your stimulus check 2 subject to taxation?

While filing a joint tax return with your spouse, either spouse can use the portal. This can be done by furnishing their details for the security questions asked to confirm the identity of the assessed. As soon as it is confirmed, the identical disbursal status should be displayed for both spouses.

If there’s a necessity to include bank details for getting the stimulus check as a direct deposit in your bank account, you’ll have to furnish the following details in all likelihood:

  • Your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your tax return for 2019
  • The category of your bank account (for instance, checking or savings)
  • The reimbursement or sum payable from your tax return for 2019 and
  • Your routing and bank account numbers 

The former version of the “Get My Payment” online portal failed to post the up-to-date bank account details once the stimulus check was planned for transfer. You can anticipate that attribute to prevail in the modified version as well. Besides, to assist in safeguarding from possible deception, it is likely that the tool won’t let individuals alter bank details already documented with the Internal Revenue Service.

Who’s Not Receiving A Second Stimulus Check? (Not Everybody Qualifies!)stimulus checks round 2

With the previous tool, if you furnished your bank details any day earlier than noon on Tuesday, your disbursement date was obtainable in the online portal starting the next Saturday. When you furnished the details afternoon on a Tuesday, your disbursement date was accessible starting the Saturday following next. There is a probability that the newly launched tool will function analogously.

For further advice on inputting details into the “Get My Payment” online portal, you can refer to the FAQs section of the Internal Revenue Service. This section will also be subject to reorganization soon.

How will the status report appear?

For the stimulus checks round 2, the “Get My Payment” online portal will show one of the elements listed below:

  • Payment status

A disbursement has been processed. A date of disbursal is there, and disbursement will be sent via mail (paper check) or direct deposit.

  • Payment status is not there

If you get this communication, you either did not qualify or qualified. But the Internal Revenue Service couldn’t deliver you a stimulus check 2. You have to place a claim for receiving any extra amount the IRS owes you on your tax return for 2020 as a Recovery Rebate credit.

If you receive the communication “Payment Status Not Available”, it implies the IRS can’t ascertain your qualification for a disbursal at that moment. There may be many causes behind this. Two typical causes are; 

  • You either didn’t submit a 2018 or 2019 tax return
  • Or your latest tax return has not been processed entirely

Can I use the “Get My Payment” online portal if I haven’t filed a tax return?

a second stimulus check updateKeep in mind that you failed to utilize the “Get My Payment” online portal to monitor the status of your 1st stimulus check if you hadn’t filed a 2018 or 2019 federal IT return. 

Nonetheless, one more online tool was there that the non-filers could utilize to furnish the Internal Revenue Service with the details it required for processing.

However, there is less likelihood that the non-filers’ widget will be utilized for the second stimulus check. Rather, if you hadn’t filed a federal tax return for 2019, and you didn’t utilize the non-filers’ widget for receiving your 1st-round disbursement, then you’ll possibly need to wait to receive your second stimulus payment in the form of a “Recovery Rebate” tax credit while filing your federal tax return for 2020.

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