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Easy To Create and Safe DIY Backyard Games for Kids – Engage Your Little Ones for Hours!

Since kids love to play and if possible, all day long, sometimes they may easily get bored of playing the same games right?
Here are a few interesting and easy to build DIY backyard games for kids to enjoy.

Why should kids try DIY backyard games?

backyard games for kidsWe all know that like studying, playing games is also important. It helps to refresh your mind so that you can focus on your study more. And as for kids, we all know how much we need physical activity. Kids are like flowers so if you raise them well they will be better humans in the future. And for that reason only, being physically strong and mentally prepared is of vital importance. Our list of DIY backyard games for kids will help them to keep thinking and lighten up their thoughts, it also helps to make their immune systems stronger. So, for their betterment, kids should be encouraged to play backyard games. And, surely, they will love it because it’s much more fun than playing home alone.

Some interesting DIY games to play for kids

There are many DIY backyard games for kids that are easy to create, do not need many components and obviously, it’s safe for them because ‘safety comes first’. Let us see some examples-

Some indoor games that can convert into outdoor games:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe_DIYWe all play this Tic-Tac-Toe game on paper, right? But have you ever thought about playing this outside like normal backyard games? Yes, you can make this indoor game into an interesting outdoor game. You can use a tree stump for the board or a big carton. And instead of X and O you can use stone, and color them as you like. It’s surely fun. You can easily try this at your home, with the kids and the family. It is much more enjoyable to play outdoors rather than playing on paper.

  • Chessboard 

DIY backyard games chessboardIf any kid likes playing chessboard then they will surely love this idea we are going to share. It is so much more fun than a regular chessboard. Here you can use wooden square boxes for the board and paint them or you can use some grass. And if you are a Harry Potter fan then you must try a trick. You must have seen in the first part of the movie, where they had to play with real statues by interacting with them. Kids would love this, especially if you have many kids in the neighborhood or your family, then you can divide them into two groups and enjoy. Try it, it will be so much fun.

Some water-related DIY backyard games:

  • Water wall

The water wall is one of the most interesting backyard games for kids. In summer, many times you don’t want your child to go outside because it is hot and you are afraid about their health. So you can let them play in your yard with water. It is really fun to play. This is one of the types of DIY outdoor games where you can add colors, glitters & ping pong balls in the water to make it more interesting. The inner creativity of your child will be showcased.

  • Water slide

We all know that how much kids love water slides right? You can make it in your backyard. Sometimes we see going to the water park is so expensive and many of us cannot afford it. So why should we waste our money in the park? if we can create our own. For this, you just need to buy a pre-made slip that you can find on amazon easily. Or you can create your own. Once your slide is ready you can play various games on it like slide racing and all. Although simply sliding down is fun enough.

  • Water BedWater slide

For kids, it’s not only a place to rest but it’s a toy. They can spend a lot of time playing on that. It can be more interesting if you add some toys to it. They will enjoy playing on it. And it is one of the easiest to create DIY backyard games.

  • Duck, duck, water splash

In summer you can play this game with your friends. It is a very fun way to spend your time in your school vacation. And children can make friends easily in this game. it is easy to play and it has some rules. Let understand those rules – Firstly, all the kids sit in a circle. Second, there will be one who is the point of attraction. He or she will walk around by saying duck, duck then he or she will splash a cup of water on their head. And he or she will run and find a place to sit. And if that child will chase her or him. Simple right? go ahead and try it.

DIY backyard Ring Toss game

This DIY backyard game is fun to play and does not need many components. Anyone can create this game. For this, you need some empty buckets and some screws. Here, if you have enough players then you can make two teams and for the loser team, you can make some interesting tasks to do. Is not it fun just thinking about this game? if yes, then go try it with your friends.

Balloon Darts

Balloon DartsBalloon darts it’s a very common and fun game to play. You can easily make it in your backyard using some tapes, balloons, and cardboard. You can make it more interesting using some paper and color pens. You can write points on the balloons and also fill the balloons with paper. Kids love these games especially when they shoot the balloon and make some sound. They enjoy the pop sound and have fun.

DIY Backyard twister

If your kids love to color and playing with them then this game is for you. It’s even more fun making it. Here, you just need to color the grass in your yard and enjoy. You can play with your family too. It’s a family reunion game you can play it at a birthday party or a family picnic.

DIY Racetrack for toy carsRacetrack for toy cars

If your child love to play with cars then you can surprise them with this amazing idea. They will love it. You just have to create a track in your yard. For the track, you can use tapes and a white pen for direction. And small flags to make it more realistic. Once it is finished kids can race their toy cars on it.

In the conclusion, we can conclude that DIY backyard games have so many benefits. It helps to stay happy, healthy, and active. Not only kids but also adults find some time to play these types of games. And it is far better than playing online or offline video games.

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