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A Digital Future: How is Technology Changing the World?

Though modern evolution in technology is said to be something comparatively new, the process of evolution has been on a constant change, with advancements of all sorts, making us think how technology has changed our lives, pretty much overnight! Documentation of how is technology changing the world will help to put before ourselves, the entire pattern of rapid change that is taking place even while one is reading the article. Modern technology is always on the run, it is inevitably consumed by all as well as its research and development scopes know no bound.
This nature of today’s technologies is so widely accepted nowadays that we often forget that this wasn’t the idea of reality 30 years back. A student preparing for her examinationtoday’s technologies would have had to refer to books in a library or go through interviews but technology in today’s world offers her reading platforms, suggestions, and reference materials – all just a click away. So, we may ask how is technology changing the world or the state of affairs of various things.

Complicated tasks are made easier with today’s technologies. The world under such a technological boom is bound to become much more homogenous in terms of culture, language, food, and so on and so forth. One influences the other with the help of modern technology. We will hence see how is technology changing the world completely and apparently, for the better.

1. The Health Sectors

modern technologyTechnology in today’s world is not only changing the way health sectors function but is also heavily influencing it. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia are predicted to be almost non-existent by 2025, thanks to modern technology. 2020 is also a year when we are seeing now with the help of innovation in the health industry, a pandemic can be overcome. The fact that a lot of unheard-of diseases and illnesses are no more feared to be something fatal, is a big evidence of how technology has changed our lives and worldview.

2. Awareness About Disasters and Other Information

Earlier it used to be difficult to keep up with worldly happenings, be it important proceedings in a foreign land or disasters in some other place. But how is technology changing the world is fantastic. The internet, one of the main pillars of today’s technologies not only connects us with the world but is also often used to give information regarding an incoming natural disaster like a cyclone or a tornado.

3. Education and Technology

Technology in today’s worldThe entire e-learning industry is slowly gaining attention. It came off as a major modern technology during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic where students could take lessons, while in quarantine. Though many countries are yet to provide an abundance of online education facilities, it is soon to spread to all countries and yet again point out how technology has changed our lives, over a span of a year!

4. Communication with the Help of Today’s Technologies 

Technology in today’s world doesn’t know any limits. Modern technology gives us the option to instantly message someone or call them over video in a jiffy! This was unbelievable some years back. Older mediums like fax, wired telephones, telegraphs are slowly becoming obsolete hinting to us at how is technology changing the world.

5. Automation

automationToday’s technologies are slowly doing the impossible and it is crazy how it is changing the way things work. You just have to control how a certain thing will work the way you want to, and the rest will be taken care of by the machinery. How technology has changed our lives when it comes to automation is mind-boggling.

However, it is often debated that robots and machines will take over the human workforce in the future leading to depletion of manual employment but we can only wait and see how technology in today’s world will advance keeping the future in mind.

The nature of technology is that of constant change, hence only time can tell how is technology changing the world and also how technology has changed our lives, subsequently

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