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DIY Project for Designing an Arduino Based Voice Controlled Multi-directional Bot

Here, we will show you an interesting feature. Previously we showed how to design your multi-directional bot that can be controlled using a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app using virtual joysticks.

If you haven’t watched the previous video, click here.

Today, we will learn how to design a voice controlled robot that will be based on Bluetooth.
Today, we will interface the robot to an application that will convert your voice commands to Bluetooth. You can even add some custom code to make your bot move in different angles and directions.

If you are less than 16, do it under adult supervision!


1) DIY PCB with ULN2803 for Multi-directional Control
2) HC-05 Bluetooth Module
3) Arduino Circuits– UNO
4) 9V Battery
5) Jumper Wires
6) Chassis with BO Motors & Wheels
7) Android Mobile Device with Bluetooth Support
8) Miscellaneous Items like Double Sided Tape & Connectors

Watch this Video to Design Voice Controlled Robots based on Bluetooth


Steps to Follow

1) This is the ULN2803 PCB, this is the ground headers, this is the positive headers, this is the signal input pins and these pins will control the motors.

2) Connect the Grounds of the components, so let’s do it.

3) Connect the VCC of the Bluetooth Module to 5V Pin of Arduino & Ground to GND Pin of Arduino

4) Connect the Positive Wires of the motor to the Positive pins of the PCB. Connect the other wires of the two motors left & right to PIN18 & PIN17 headers of the ULN2803 IC.`

5) Connect jumper wires from Pin6 of Arduino Circuit to Pin1 and from Pin5 of Arduino to Pin2 of the PCB.

6) Connect jumper wires from RX of Bluetooth Module to TX of Arduino and TX of Bluetooth Module to RX of Arduino.

7) Check if you have connected all the wires carefully in the system.

8) Connect a jumper from the positive supply of the PCB to the VIN of the Arduino. Connect the Battery to the socket in the PCB. If everything is right, you will see LEDs light up on the Arduino board and the HC05 Module LEDs will blink in succession.

Now, connecting to Bluetooth through Mobile

1) Download the BT Voice Control for Arduino App from Play Store.
2) Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and pair your device with HC-05.
3) Password is generally 1234. If your kit came with a different password, use it.
4) Open the App.
5) Connect Robot from Settings.
6) Select HC-05.
7) Tap the Microphone Button and say the command. For Ex: forward, left, right, etc
8) If your system works correctly, it will move when it detects the words
This is the second build of a smart wireless bot. Feel free to experiment with different voice commands by customizing your code. We have something great coming up for you soon!

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