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Video-Sharing Platform YouTube Suspends Trump’s Channel for a Week

California, January 14: On Tuesday, YouTube shared that it had suspended President Trump’s account on the video-sharing platform over serious concerns about ‘ongoing potential for violence’ the latest move by one of the largest tech companies to curtail the president’s online presence. 

Account Suspension from the Video-Sharing Platform

In a post shared by the platform’s Twitter account, the Google-owned video site mentioned that it had suspended Mr Trump’s YouTube account following a recent video that violated its policy and was condemned for inciting violence. The action implies that President Trump will be able to neither share nor upload any more new content on his channel at least for the next seven days, which had about 2.8 million subscribers. The video-sharing platform stated that it has disabled all comments on the particular channel till further notice. 

Why The Social Media Ban?

Many tech companies have gone ahead and curtailed President Trump’s online presence following the siege of Capitol by a violent mob who happen to be staunch supporters of President Trump. Post that top tech companies decided to limit the president’s activities on social media including Facebook as well as Twitter. The former suspended the President’s existing accounts on the core platform and Instagram at least till he officially ends while the latter chose to permanently ban his Twitter handle despite having more than 88 million followers. 

Other online video-sharing platforms such as Snapchat, Twitch, and Reddit also followed suit. The moves taken by these tech companies have been lauded by several including the liberals.

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