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RumbleTalk – A Chat Platform for Online Events

RumbleTalk chat is an online chat platform that you can embed on any site. You choose the chat you want to use for your site.

RumbleTalk is a flexible chat where chat owners can change chat types depending on what they need. As such, here are the main chat types that you can use.

The Main Chat Types

Currently, there are 4 types of chats that you can choose from.

  1. Group chat – The group chat acts as a social chat where you can talk with anyone that’s logged in.
  2. Expert’s chat – The expert’s chat is a chat that gurus or professionals can use as a counselling chat. Only admins can initiate a conversation with the other user. Non-admins won’t be able to chat with other non-admins, see other active non-admins, and will only be able to chat with an admin when the admin is active.
  3. Moderated chat – The moderated chat is a chat where admins can approve or delete messages before they are sent to everyone. This chat is commonly used in large events such as conferences and Q&As. Non-admins will not see their message appear in the chat unless an admin approves it.
  4. Private chat – The private chat acts as a chat where only private conversations are allowed. It can be used as a social chat room wherein you mingle with others privately or for multiple people talking about private information.

Additionally, these chat types all come with their in-chat payment capabilities where users can donate, send private payment requests, or add an entrance or subscription fee. This feature depends on the chat type used.

Different Features You Can Use

Speaking of features, here are some features that RumbleTalk has.

  • Send files and documents in the chat room,
  • Ability to set admins and privileges,
  • Customize your chat the way you like,
  • Chat owners can change chat types anytime,
  • Hold closed private chat discussions or open social chats,
  • Easily embeddable via a pre-made code,
  • Moderate your live event easily,

There’s more to this application than the aforementioned features.

RumbleTalk provides updates and new features every few months. Therefore, you can ensure that support will last for a long time. If you’re not tech-savvy, the knowledge base is always available.

Using Rumbletalk as Your Online Chat Platform

These are just some of the great features that you can use when you choose RumbleTalk as your online chat platform. When you sign up, you can discover more features, hidden gems, and other chat types waiting for you! Know more about RumbleTalk here.


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