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Entrepreneur Story Shared By Ryan Loya, Co-Founder & President, Meritorious

Success is to have the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the lifestyle I want, believes the Co-Founder & President, Meritorious, Ryan Loya. 

Ryan Loya, Co-Founder & President, Meritorious, solutions-focused, versatile business development professional with years of experience in various niches like business development, pharmaceutical advertising, along with a comprehensive background of conducting US military operations in a leadership position, having a 10-year career in the United States Marine Corps. 

Ryan is on a mission to connect successful executives who share military camaraderie and leadership experience, thus accelerating real and actionable business outcomes.

Ryan Loya speaks to Business Upside in this interview on his idea behind starting the business, success tips, and entrepreneurial motivation. 

Edited Excerpts from the Interview:

Business Upside [BU]: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Ryan Loya [RL]: I noticed the need to create cultivated networks that offer more than a stack of business cards as I attended several networking events put on by other organizations. I would constantly hear the same comment from the more senior individuals – “I love reconnecting and helping other vets but would love to find something to connect with my peers.” That initially sparked the idea of Meritorious and as we started development we were fortunate to have hundreds of beta testers giving us feedback about what services and functionality to add or improve.  

Business Upside [BU]: How did you come up with the name of your company?

Ryan Loya [RL]: I was fortunate to be meritoriously promoted a few times while serving the Marine Corps and when we were brainstorming ideas it just stood out. Interestingly enough we have had lots of comments about the name and now Go Daddy is using us as a case study because they liked the name. 

Business Upside [BU]: Have you ever turned down a client?

Ryan Loya [RL]: I have turned down partnerships, mostly because we wouldn’t be the right fit and I’m careful not to force things or because they want to offer a service that will link our members to another site. White-labeled we try to make the UX as seamless as possible. 

Business Upside [BU]: What is unique about your business?

Ryan Loya [RL]: What’s most unique about Meritorious is who we serve and how we have consolidated many services, harnessing military camaraderie through a single community allows veterans to excel professionally while contributing to a greater purpose, as in service. 

Business Upside [BU]: How do you generate new ideas?

Ryan Loya [RL]: Typically, I will hear or see something that will spark thought and that will evolve into something. I am also someone who appreciates having a sounding board. I find having a conversation or hearing your thoughts out loud will generate ideas. 

Watch This Video To Know More About Ryan Loya and His Company Meritorious

Business Upside [BU]: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Ryan Loya [RL]: Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and make them early, that goes for making decisions also don’t overthink or complicate you can always make adjustments. 

Business Upside [BU]: How do you define success?

Ryan Loya [RL]: To have the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the lifestyle I want.

Business Upside [BU]: Do you believe there is some sort of formula or pattern to become a successful Businessman?

Ryan Loya [RL]: Absolutely, it will shift and evolve as your company grows and dependent on what the company does but the people and relationships will always be a constant variable. 

Business Upside [BU]: How do you market your business, and which method has been most successful?

Ryan Loya [RL]: We haven’t done much promotion or marketing up to this point. Word of mouth spreads quickly in the veteran community but we are now building out several campaigns designed for social media. This is an area I urge people to talk to people who have experience and take their time researching your key demographic. You really need to understand your target audience and how to connect with them. 

Business Upside [BU]: What motivates you to become an Entrepreneur?

[RL]: I really enjoy the critical thinking aspect as well as the opportunity to wear many different hats. I’m always learning never stagnant.


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