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A Beginner’s Buying Guide: 3 Reasons to Buy Yourself a Rolex

Are you the type of person who used to think that wearing a watch is an absurd thing to do? You felt like it was useless since you always have your phone with you. It provides almost everything that includes telling you the time of the day. You never use one, not until you have to take a final exam where the proctor prohibited the use of any device. Without a watch, you would not know how fast or slow you are answering each question. 

You might have probably experienced spending the day without knowing the specific time. There is a high chance that it happens whenever you leave your phone at home. You are probably out here in search of a wristwatch to invest your money in. If you are targeting luxury watches, maybe you have come across Rolex. We prepared a detailed guide to help first-time Rolex buyers.

Defining Rolex

Let’s begin by having a clear concept of what Rolex is. It is one of the most valuable brands of watches manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland. Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis founded the company, producing this brand in 1905. The presence of the company in the market has already been over a century. That is how long it has been thriving and providing innovative timepieces.

Most people decide to splurge their money on this brand of watch. You might love how it is inclusive of both genders manifested by offering Rolex watches for women and men. Aside from its unique style and vibe, people see it as an excellent investment. The crown for every achievement is the motto of Rolex. It is an enticing motto that is a good marketing strategy because it attracts more people to buy the product.

Many people consider Rolex as expensive. Its price is higher than its competitors because of the quality and materials the watch has. In terms of the type of steel, no one else in the market uses the same material that Rolex uses because it entails more cost. Besides that, the company undergoes a more tedious process to produce a Rolex watch. It contains more rust and is significantly harder than other brands.

Why buy yourself a Rolex watch?

Being cautious about what things you spend your hard-earned money on is a good attitude. Since you are about to send a large portion of your savings for a wristwatch, you might want to read about the significant benefits you’ll get out of it before making any purchase decisions. We have prepared reasons on why you should buy it for yourself. If you have doubts about whether this brand of watch is worthy of your money and whether to push through with your initial decision of grabbing a Rolex watch, we hope that reading this will shed light on you.

  • To own a lifetime watch

With the extremely high quality of the Rolex watch, you can expect that it will last a lifetime that even the next generation can use. You no longer have to search for another wristwatch to buy constantly. Knowing this, the money you will spend on this brand of watch will not go to waste. Even if it gets old, it can still provide you with an accurate time. It will also remain reliable and sturdy.

Buying cheaper products doesn’t mean you can save a lot of money. Think of it this way, most inexpensive products are not durable enough to last for a long time. What if it will only remain functional for a week? At the end of the day, you will only need to buy another watch.

  • The value of most Rolex watches continuously increases

Just like gold and diamond, most people consider Rolex watches as a good investment. It is because its value appreciates over time. When a product appreciates, it means that as time passes by, there is a high possibility that you can sell the item at a much higher price than the original price you bought it. In this way, not only will you get the capital you used to buy the product, but you will also gain money from selling it. This is unlikely to happen for cars because their value depreciates the older they get. That is why you have to determine which items on the market can provide you with better investing opportunities, Rolex watches are one of them.

  • To feel a sense of accomplishment

Rewarding yourself from time to time is necessary. It is to compensate for the hardships you have faced for being a working adult or a young professional. By buying yourself a Rolex watch, you can make it a symbol of a specific accomplishment. For instance, you will only purchase it when you land a better-paying job, or you get promoted at work. In this way, the product will have a sentimental value that will remind you of something you reached because of hard work and determination. It will lead to a sense of accomplishment.

In a Nutshell

After getting a better gauge about Rolex watches, you probably realized that it is worth your money, and it has the potential to make your life easier. With this watch, you get to know the time in just a flip of your wrist. You no longer need to go through the hassle of getting your device in your pouch or pocket.

If you like a certain Rolex watch and you have an allocated budget for it, then by all means get yourself one!

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