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Omega Speedmaster: The Ideal Watch For the Modern You

The Speedmaster is probably the most known among the Omega watches. From moon expeditions, this watch proved itself worthy of its fame. Furthermore, the Omega watches lived by what it became famous for precision and accuracy. First introduced in 1957, the Speedmaster Professional came out for a specific target market. The Speedmaster term came out to be due to the watch’s tachymeter scale bezel. It followed the Omega convention that the other models have.

From 1957 to today, the Speedmaster made a name in the history of watchmaking. Its accuracy and precision never failed to amaze several watch enthusiasts. Hence, in these modern times, you would not want to miss the chance of having a Speedmaster Watch.

The Omega Speedmaster

Initially, the Omega Speedmaster form part of the iconic trilogy with the Seamaster and Railmaster. CK 2915 was the first Speedmaster watch model that later became well-known as the Broad Arrow. This was the case due to the hour hand appearing on the timepiece. Furthermore, this watch showcases the model’s distinctive feature, namely the Plexiglas crystal, the triple-register chronograph layout, and the high-contrast index markers. The broad arrow hands on the watch are duly notable.

Joining a project with Lemania, a subsidiary of Omega, the movement of Calibre 321 instilled in the Broad Arrow came to be. Thus, Calibre 321 was a base movement for other popular brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Breguet in their varying timepieces. Later on, the movement underwent improvement by having a defense against magnetic fields and electric shocks. This improvement would then be beneficial later on.

The Speedmaster Second Version

The second Speedmaster version came out in 1959, which is the reference CK 2998. It has an aluminum bezel and alpha hands, enhancing the readability of the time. In line with this, the case went from 39mm to 40mm. Moreover, it has an O-ring gasket in its push button. It enhanced the water-resistant quality of the watch. This was a first for an Omega watch.

The years 1962 and 1963 paved the way for Omega watches having straight baton hands. Following those, another model got introduced. This watch has its innovations on its chronograph pushers and crown. The inscription of Professional below the Speedmaster logo was no longer on display in these watches in 1965.

The NASA Missions with Speedmaster Timepiece

In October of 1962, NASA was readying itself for the Gemini and Apollo missions. The Gemini is a two-person mission, while the Apollo includes three people. For these space missions, the astronauts are bound to be outside the ship. Hence, it was necessary for them to wear a wristwatch that would be able to withstand such challenging conditions outside of space.

Out of the watches that NASA put to the test, the Speedmaster came out first. The engineer conducting the qualification test explained that the wristwatches served as a backup plan. In case the astronauts lost the functionality of the digital timers with them, or if they can no longer talk to the ground, the watch will be their reliable source.

A trivial thing to consider, though, was that Omega only came to know about the Speedmaster’s journey to space when they saw the photo of one of the astronauts in the Gemini space mission. Due to the achievements with the space missions and man landing on the moon for the first time, inscriptions such as “The first watch worn on the moon” and “Flight qualified by NASA for all manned missions” are in some of the Speedmaster watches.

The Moon Watch

Ref. ST105.012 is the model that later on became the first Moon Watch. Neil Armstrong wore the watch upon pursuing the moon mission together with Buzz Aldrin. This watch possesses improved mechanisms and water-resistant features. Furthermore, it showcased the alteration from the old vintage ones to the modern models.

Additionally, the Moon Watch proved itself as a durable watch. Its reliability in accuracy and precision satisfies the watch enthusiast’s standards. Moreover, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch came up with its line. The most popular among the collection was the Omega darker side. This specific model has a matt black ceramic case, which is effortlessly eye-catching. Later on, the Calibre 321 movement for the watch changed for a more affordable Calibre, the Calibre 861. The same subsidiary company produced this Calibre. Between 1993 and 1994, the Speedmaster was put to further tests while onboard the Russian space station. The test’s successful result allowed the Speedmaster to gain a certificate with the MIR crew’s initials.

Throughout history, the Speedmaster had various innovations to improve its functionality and adapt to the changing times. Like the modern vintage models introduced back in 1962 and 1963. These models have a similarity in design, but the technical aspect is different.

The Speedmaster variety of watches comes with complete packages. It has perpetual calendars, split-second versions, and moon phases. In approximation, the Speedmaster has 250 variations and more to choose from. Hence, it has diverse available watches to suit your needs and cater to men and women of varying age groups.

Final Thoughts

Watch collectors agree that watches’ story and emotion influence why they tend to go for certain timepieces. It adds to the watch’s appeal, and for a watch enthusiast, this is becoming a vital part of the watch’s sales pitch. Given the history of the Speedmaster and even Omega itself, one would say that it is indeed a watch that one must have in this modern age and time.

Omega watches display unique modern styles and allow you to enjoy a selection of the various watches available. If you want a luxury watch, the Speedmaster is an ideal watch for you.

The Speedmaster of today exudes a 42mm width and has a thickness of 14mm. It is comfortable on your wrist and gives you that luxurious feel. It can come in various colors and styles too. Therefore, why miss out on the chance of having one of the most adored watches in the watch industry?

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