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7 Tips to Achieve a Squeaky Clean Kitchen

The kitchen is what everyone calls the heart of the home, and these days, it might have become one of the busiest places in your house. Not to mention, with one or more people working remotely under your roof, the kitchen tends to be one of the good places that you can work in. That said, it would be best to keep things tidy at all times since a neglected kitchen could be overwhelming to deal with when dishes, clutter, and utensils start to pile up. Whether you live alone, with a partner, or with a big family, we’ve listed seven easy tips to help you achieve a squeaky clean kitchen. Let’s get started!

1. Know the Types of Storage You Need

kitchen toolsStorage is a crucial part of keeping a clean and tidy kitchen. Your kitchen may be humongous, but if you’re not mindful of maximizing space, you’ll always end up with a messy and cluttered one. To start, you can try to observe your kitchen and list down the types of storage you need, to keep things organized. Luckily, these days, there are creative kitchen ideas that you can choose from. The good news is that they are affordable and easy to install!

Say you are a lover of fine wine, you can get a hanging wine glass holder that you can place in an empty cabinet. That way, there would be more space on the lower part of the cabinet for other kitchen items. If you have a big family that uses lots of condiments, jams, and other bottled goods, make more room in your fridge by getting a non-skid turntable. For whatever set of kitchen tools or food items that you have, there is always a storage rack, bin, or organizer that you can take advantage of to innovate your kitchen space.

2. Store Away Kitchen Appliances after Use

 kitchen appliancesIn your kitchen, there are surely blenders, waffle makers, and other appliances that you enjoy using. The problem with that is sometimes we leave them on our countertops and they tend to take up a lot of space. However, storing them in a dedicated easy-access shelf, cabinet, or cubby is a neat trick to maintain cleared countertops. You will find your kitchen more enjoyable to use when there is a lot of functional space.

More countertop space means easier ways to clean surfaces and more room for other kitchen essentials. So, store away those kitchen appliances, especially if you don’t use them regularly.

3. Use a Trash Bowl When Preparing Meals

well-organized kitchenWhen preparing meals, especially when peeling veggies and fruits or dealing with ingredients that leave a lot of clutter, it can be a tiring chore to walk up to your garbage bin back and forth. The easy answer to this is to have a trash bowl within reach. Use any bowl that you can find to temporarily hold peels, wrappers, and other items that you will eventually throw in the trash. This is a little trick to save your energy and stay in place while cooking. Imagine, you would only need to walk up to the garbage bin once instead of a couple of times.

4. Stay Proactive

clean kitchenBeing proactive means keeping yourself occupied with a task while waiting for another to be accomplished. Pretty much like multitasking, staying proactive helps you save a lot of time. The same concept is useful when doing things around the kitchen. While waiting for those cookies to bake or for that stew to simmer, use that time to clean your countertops, wash used dishes and utensils, and clean up spills, crumbs, and other messes. That way, you will have zero or fewer things left to clean once that dish is ready!

5. Maintain a Spotless Sink

Doesn’t it make you feel uneasy knowing there’s a lot of greases and unwashed dishes in your sink? It can be pretty stressful just thinking about it, more so, setting your sights to a dirty sink. That’s why it will be one less pain-in-the-neck to keep your sink spotless every time you visit the kitchen. 

 kitchen toolsFirst things first, ask the members of your household to always stack their used dishes on a tray under the sink or to load them in the dishwasher when they’re done using them. This will help you score an empty sink. You can clean the dishes after meals or all at once at the end of the day. Also, make sure that your drain catcher is empty. Next is where all the magic happens. Sprinkle your sink with baking soda and scrub away to make sure that grease and all kinds of dirt and residue are removed. Once you’ve flushed out all that baking soda, with a sponge and some dish soap, clean and scrub your sink thoroughly and then rinse with hot water.

For the last step, it might seem a little extra but to get that perfectly clean and shiny look, wipe your sink with a cleaning cloth until it’s dry. There you have it! A squeaky clean sink.

6. Always Choose Non-toxic Cleaning Sprays

 kitchen toolsSurface cleaners and disinfectants often get the job done, however, some could be dangerous to your furniture and even your health. This can be a concern when you rely on these products to wipe and clean surfaces, especially when you have kids around. If you want to take the safer route when it comes to cleaning surfaces, you should consider non-toxic cleaners the next time you go grocery shopping. These products often have “non-toxic” labels on them, so it should be easy to spot them in the supermarket.

7. Build a Night Clean-up Routine

well-organized kitchenCleaning the kitchen is a never-ending process. However, it wouldn’t be wise to wait until it reaches a certain level of “messiness” before you start putting in the work to do the cleaning. Knowing that it would give you more relief waking up to a clean kitchen than a messy one, try to build the habit of cleaning it at night. This kind of routine doesn’t need to be extensive or time-consuming. It can be as simple as checking if you missed a spot that could need some sweeping or a little surface cleaning. This also makes a huge impact in reducing vermin or bugs to come crawling in your kitchen for spills and crumbs at night.


In any kitchen, it’s expected for things to get a little messy sometimes. But thankfully, there is plenty of cleaning and storage hacks that you can do to achieve a squeaky clean and well-organized kitchen. We hope you had a blast and learned a few things from this post. For more tips, tricks, and kitchen storage ideas, go to Storables.com! There will surely be furniture and storage solutions that will be perfect for your kitchen.

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