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What Made Steve Jobs, “The Steve Jobs”?

Steve Jobs undoubtedly was one of the most important men when it comes to technology. In his early twenties, he had not only created the brand but an industry which is known all over the world as Apple Computers. He died at the age of 56 on October 5, 2011. While most people know Steve Jobs as the founder of Apple, Jobs was actually a man of a number of capabilities and had put his talents into a number of investments and successful projects. An interesting Steve Job facts are that he has been understood as The pioneer of the personal computer era with his undying passion for innovation and Technology. 

Early Life of Steve Jobs


Born on February 24, 1955, young Steve was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs in California along with a sister. The family then shifted to Palo Alto which was gaining traction as the hub for electronic manufacture and is till now known as a silicon valley. As expected, he was greatly interested in gadgets from a young age and hardly took part in group activities. He in fact used to spend much of his time in a neighbour’s garage working as an electronic manufacturer. 

His Education

When it comes to Steve Jobs education, after he graduated from high school, he started attending Reed College in Portland. He quickly dropped out after 2 years and went for a Buddhist retreat in India. He then joined Homebrew Computer Club, where he collaborated his friendship with one of his high school friends Stephen Wozniak, who at the time was working with Hewlett-Packard Company and was greatly interested in building a personal computer. Becoming fascinated with this idea and understanding the business potential, Steve Jobs joined hands with Stephen Wozniak in 1976 and named their company Apple Computers. With a meagre amount of $1,300 that they collected by selling microbus developed by Jobs and calculators developed by Wozniak, they started their Company. 

The Rise of the Era of Personal Computer

founder of apple

In those days, computers were basically the mainframes that were so huge that they could occupy a room and not be affordable for anyone to purchase one personally. However with advancement in technology computer parts were starting to become small and harvesting much more power. It took time for the founder of apple to redesign their computer in order to make them not only affordable but also appropriate for individual use and purchase. Within three years they were able to accumulate $200 million making history in USA Technologies and opening up a new market of personal computers globally. However, as time progressed more competitors entered the market making it difficult for Apple to stay afloat. In 1980 Apple was forced to upgrade and redesign the model again so that it can be widely popularized again. The Apple III that was then developed did not seem to make an impact in the market and was considered a huge failure. There were huge marketing as well as technical issues that brought this product down. International Business Machines (IBM) was the biggest competitor in the market at the time and had been able to gain a lot of traction and trust from people all around the globe. Hence in the year, 1983 Apple had lost more than half of its market shares which marks one of the darkest eras in the history of Apple

An interesting fact about Steve Jobs is that he never gave up and by the year 1984 he was able to launch one of the most revolutionary products, the Macintosh. There were a number of interesting features in this model including small icons on the screen which could be pressed using a revolutionary product known as the mouse. However, this model again could not sell well in the market and Jobs resigned from his position as the CEO while being a part of the company as the chairman. 

His Other Entreprises

The failure of Apple Computers, could not break this vision. He then went on to pursue a number of interesting projects that later help him to revive the company that he had founded himself. 

NeXT: By the year 1988, Jobs was able to hire some of his previous employees and started his new company that was known as NeXT. This was another computer-based company but was focused on the academic market. The product was an excellent design with amazing graphics as well as a high-quality sound system. Although the product was greatly hyped it failed to generate an audience in the market and was deemed as too expensive. Additionally, the fact that it could not be linked with other computers and that it had a black and white screen gave it a negative review. 

Pixar: in 1986, Steve Jobs went on to buying a company named Pixar from a filmmaker known as George Lucas. This is one of the most exciting Steve Job facts. Pixar has now been recognized as one of the most popular and well-recognized animated content creators. with the box office success of The Toy Story 9 years, after it was purchased by Steve Jobs, the company has been flourishing with some of the most excellent animated content including A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc, and many more. 

Steve Jobs’s Return to Apple

CEO of Apple

NeXT was soon purchased by Apple for more than $400 million. This marked the return of Steve Jobs to Apple Computers as a consultant to the CEO. In a turn of events, Apple joined hands with Microsoft which was one of their top rival companies. Soon after this apple was able to produce some of the Most iconic products as well as marketing strategies

It was announced around 1997 that Apple would then be selling personal computers directly to the customers through the internet and this followed the huge success of the Apple Store. Soon Steve Jobs was named the interim CEO of Apple. Soon after this Apple went on to produce some of the most influential products in the technological market and is still one of the biggest names. With the introduction of several new gadgets including the iBook, iMac, and more, Steve Jobs net worth kept soaring high. He finally adopted the title of the permanent CEO of Apple Computers in 2000

When he passed away, Steve Jobs net worth was recorded to be $10.2 billion. Not only was he a technological genius but also had a striving for success. He had started several projects in his lifetime and truly tried to make a difference in the world. He had once said, “I want to put a ding in the universe” and surely lived by this motto. His revolutionary contribution in the personal era, as well as various other enterprises, is a testament to his business acumen as well as a technological mindset. He will always be considered as one of the most revolutionary and iconic personalities in the world.

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