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Record Videos Smartly With SmartPixel

Have you watched those scientific fictional genre movies, where the characters are simply swinging their fingers in front of a wall-sized screen to present something or to interact with another person over video calls? Smart Pixel has brought to us that technology in real life. It is a multi-purpose touchscreen-based program. With the use of smart pixels, one can record screens (in motion or static, along with audio), capture live scenes, produce professional-level presentations, slide shows, 3D interactive screen projects, edit videos, share easily on any platform including YouTube. Name any function related to video, smart pixel does it.

Smart Pixel is a software program that provides state-of-art quality service. This single software can be used to record anything and everything that is playing on the screen, it can be used to capture new videos or view the previously recorded videos on the device. Smart pixel has a lot of features to offer its users, especially to edit the videos. The technology is super advanced and easy to use.

What is Smart Pixel?

screen recording tools

Smart pixel is software that is used as one of the best screen recording tools for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC, other than that it is also available on android platforms. Its official website has a dark interface, with in-motion texts appearing. It is easy to navigate and the software introduction is very clearly stated. The web page exerts an extremely smart outlook. The multiple purposes offered by a single software are what made it a popular choice for video makers.

How Can You Apply Smart Pixel Into Usage?

As the name suggests it adds a touch of smart work to your video-based projects. The software is supported on Windows version 7 to the latest PC, and it can be used on any android smartphone. It is not only used as a free screen recorder tool on these devices but Smart Pixel also comes in handy with top video editing tools.

free screen recorder tool

  1. One can capture anything that one sees on a screen. Some applications of this tool are as followed:
  • Screen record a whole video game while you are operating (an extremely popular choice among gamers and gaming Youtubers).
  • Make a step-by-step tutorial to do something on the PC.
  • Capture any part of a video played on the screen.
  1. Use it as a webcam or camera to capture live scenarios. One can choose the viewing screen size. There are options provided on the toolbox while opting for the webcam feature. One can choose to view the video on – area mode, full-screen mode, picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. A user can also improvise the video with a variety of editing tools provided. Such as, music can be added, filters can be put, text inputs are possible, and more. We will discuss the feature later in detail.
  2. Using smart pixels, 3D interactive presentations can be produced using the production mode of work. The technology used in these presentations is commendable. One can use this software to create presentations for high-tech companies, real estate companies, and so on.
  3. It can be used to cast the screen on any platform, easy to share among peers, it can also be used to post a high-quality video on YouTube and other social platforms at the tap of one button.

All About Smartpixel And The Features It Offer

download smart pixel

Smart Pixel Download

Smart Pixel can be downloaded or installed on a computer simply by visiting the official web page or typing ‘download smart pixel‘ on the search engine. It is very simple and free of cost. A user doesn’t even have to worry about space consumption, it is more or less 28MB.

Beginner-friendly Software

After the installation of the Smart pixel, the software helps the user by pop-up instructions as one proceeds. The instructions are easy to understand, and reading them properly and following them step by step is enough to get familiar with the working of this program.

After signing up, the home page will drop three options or modes of work from which a user can choose any. These are – screen recorder, webcam, and production mode of work. Along with these, it also gives you a choice of how you would like to view the screen, the options are – area view, full-screen view, and picture-in-picture (PIP) view.

Editing Tools

editing functions

Smart pixel not only offers the basic editing functions such as cut-short, merge and add a soundtrack, what is special about this software application is that it offers a wide range of tools to edit and customize the video as per one’s choice.

  1. Here, you can set the resolution, lighting, color grading, frame.
  2. In the music editing sector, there is an option available termed as ‘mic’ while recording or capturing the screen it will capture the audio simultaneously. Apart from that, there are a variety of audio effects available. Some of them are hall, concert, theatre, karaoke television, studio and many more. You may also be able to adjust the tone or add other music as per your requirement.
  3. There are options to add filters as well, beautification tools are also available which include removing blemishes, slimming, and many other features for a similar purpose.
  4. You can add text to the video, or put subtitles. While editing older videos, subtitles can also be removed.


It provides a cloud storage service. Any video opened in this app/software will be saved in the storage as a project. If someone wishes to continue editing on a previously left video, they will be able to do so. This program also supports every type of storage format, which makes it easy to import or export to or from the smart pixel. Few formats in which videos are saved are WVM, FLV, MP4, and more.

Additional Costs

The software can be installed free of cost on a PC, and a free app is available to be downloaded on Android devices. Even the editing tools are free to use, however, there are much better and more varied tools available in the VIP version of a smart pixel that needs to be purchased to use them. Other than that, every other function or service is free, including storage and sharing.

Smart pixel assures high-quality video output, with high resolution and fluency while recording. One can avoid downloading too many apps to get a single project completed. The easy to use manoeuvre, advanced technology, and a variety of editing tools makes the software program very approachable for almost any work that requires a touch of professionalism.

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