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Best Laptops 2021 For The New Normal

Laptops are a basic need in our day-to-day lives. Nowadays, through work from home and online classes clicking in, laptops seem to be a necessity for us. So how do we know which laptop would suit us and how much efficiency they would bring out in our Workfront? For that, we need to categorize our needs and find out eventually which one emerges to be the best laptop to buy in 2021. Laptops can be of different kinds depending on the type of works we do. 

Categorization Based-on Units

We can categorize mainly among two units:

  • High GPU powered devices 
  • High CPU powered devices

best laptop brandsThe devices that use high powered graphics processing unit, render great quality pictures and are mostly used for gaming or photo editing and cinematographing. Some of the best laptop brands that we can hear in the market in this field are namely HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer. 

If you are looking for some laptops that would give you a complete package of high-quality graphics and a high-powered CPU, mostly for a great gaming experience, you should always try on budget gaming laptops within 90000 INR. Most of the gaming series of different brands are good laptops and provide the best experience in their respective fields.

The devices which are mostly to be used for office purposes and work from home-related synopsis need not be of a great deal of graphics rendering but should have high power for prolonged performance. 

What Laptop Should You Buy?

The question of what laptop should you buy always remains in the mind. No matter how much the shopkeeper convinces you to buy a certain kind of laptop, you don’t feel them trustworthy and always find an alternative way, to do your own research to find the best laptop that you need to buy. Students needing laptops for their online classes would not require a very high-end laptop. The best laptop for them in 2021 would be a machine comprising of a good i5 or i9 10th Generation processor and a basic Nvidia or AMD graphics chipset to ensure smooth online classes. 

Also, a basic DDR5 or DDR6 RAM of 4 to 8 GB can provide the smooth usage of the laptops. Most of the so-called Mini Laptops are appropriate for this category. 

They come with a compact 13-inch screen in some cases as well as bigger versions having 15 inches. Mini Laptops are obviously a better pick in these cases as they are easy to carry and are the best laptops in the 13-inch category. 

Best laptops To Buy in The Above Category

In this category, the best laptops to buy in 2021 would be 

  • best windows laptop 2020HP Pavilion x360 i3 10th Gen 
  • HP Pavilion x360 15-rt00 i3 10th Gen 
  • Dell Inspiron i3 10th Gen 
  • Acer Aspire 4520 i3 10th Gen
  • Micromax Laptabs

All of the mentioned are the best laptops of 2021 in a mid-pricing range. The maximum retail price of all these would be within 35000 INR and they are the best laptops to buy in 2021 among the laptops for the students. Micromax Lap-tabs among these are tablets as well as laptops. They work simultaneously on two different software of android and windows. When attached to the provided keyboard, the adapter present helps in the usage of windows; the moment disconnected, android kicks in. This is one of the best 2 in 1 laptops people looking to buy in 2021.

A-List of High-Graphics & Best Streaming Laptops

Post-Covid era, people have been very keen on streaming. This would require them a laptop having high graphics quality as well as a top-end performer. They also require fast booting for quick access and edit of their contents. A good laptop with i5 or i7 10th gen would be able to keep track of speed and those intel chipsets come with integrated graphics which also enhances graphic properties. Also, a Solid State Drive would help to log in to the operating system quicker. 

In this category, some of the best laptops to buy in 2021 would be 

  • HP Pavilion rt-15 series 
  • HP Spectre Series 
  • Asus Rog series
  • Acer Titanium Series
  • Dell G Series
  • HP Pavilion G Series 
  • MSI Entry-level notebooks 

All of these series produce i7 as well as i5 variants. Generally, a DDR5 or DDR6 RAM of 8 GB to 12 GB would suffice the needs. The variants are priced accordingly in these categories. The maximum Price Range in these categories would be up to 60000 INR. 

Who Said Gaming Laptops?

what laptop should I buy

Next, comes the gaming series categories for people keen on computer games. Most of the gamers look forward to gaming on pc but a lot of them have been shifting to laptops because of the huge variety and ranges of laptops offering a great gaming experience at the most affordable rates. 

Those budget gaming laptops come in three different varieties of Intel chipset as well as AMD powered Ryzen Chipset, a premier gaming chipset. Those laptops are one of the best laptops to buy as a budget gaming laptop would be efficient for every aspect. It has got a great screen resolution passing on a 144 Hz refreshing screen. 

Intel has got i5,i7,i9 10th Gen 10400U, 10400H processors and on the same side, AMD provides Ryzen 5, Ryzen7 4600U, H processors compiling with Nvidia GTX 1650,1660 S and Ti Graphic processor giving out a crisp display of 15.6 inches or even bigger sometimes. 

Almost all the budget gaming series laptops come with high-powered CPU ventilating fans to keep the chipset cool. Some even provide liquid cooling features to cool down the system faster. Most of them come with dual memory slots of Solid State Drive (SSD) as well as Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for a combined performance of speed and high memory capacity. RAMS of DDR6 with 8GB to 16GB memory are generally provided to these laptops making them the best laptops of all the ranges.

In this category, there is a huge list of best laptop brands providing good laptops as well as premium laptops. They should always be the best windows laptops anyone would want in 2021. 


  • best laptops 2020HP Pavilion Gaming Series
  • HP Omen Series 
  • Dell Gaming Series
  • Acer Nitro Gaming Series
  • Asus Rog Gaming Series
  • Allienware Gaming Series 
  • Msi gaming series
  • HP Spectre Gaming Series

All of the above laptops would provide the best gaming experience one can afford in a budget gaming laptop. The price range would start from 90000 INR and would go to 230000 INR to be the highest pricing.

Best Windows Laptop 2021

All the above were the best laptops to buy in 2021 as well as the best windows laptops. For someone who would like to use MacOS would have to invest a little more amount of money as Mac Products are a bit costlier than their respective windows counterparts. For students in the research and development field having a lot of pictographic projects or display, rendering properties are required them, MacBook Air would be of great help. It comes with a 128 GB SSD as well as 256 GB SSD along with Apple display chipsets making it a photo editing master. Pricing in between 70000 INR to 100000 INR, these are quite good for office works. 

best laptops to buy 2021For someone who uses MacBook for work as well as pleasure with a great performance experience, MacBook Pro would suffice which is to date the best MacBook that is ever manufactured. Not so surprising Macbook Pro has a high pricing value starting from 165000 INR up to 350000 INR. So Macbook Air seems the best MacBook to buy to get value for money.

Experts don’t recommend MacBooks for gaming as they are not so much value for money. They have Excellent GPU functions but the CPU bit lags compared to the Windows gaming series at a lower price range. 

To conclude we saw how windows have mostly made up the market of laptops with a variety of products at a much lower price rate as compared to MacBooks. HP is undoubtedly the best laptop brand as it has a good laptop for every different section. A windows laptop in the gaming series would be the best laptop to buy in 2021.

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