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Balcony Gardening Ideas

Fulfil Your Garden at Home Desire with These Amazing Balcony Gardening Ideas

Gardens are small areas of land where people like to grow beautiful plants that bear flowers or colored and pigmented leaves or fruits etc. These are mostly for ornamental purposes. Spacious gardens can be used for small-scale cultivation as well but mostly is for display. People who enjoy plants and love the sight of beautiful fruits and flowers. In urban areas, balcony gardening ideas can be at the rescue for those who love having a garden. Balcony gardening has come on the track of trends for quite some time now. A balcony garden in itself is a décor. The lack of yard space is not a hindrance anymore for people who are into gardening. Balcony gardening ideas have become a recent trendsetter. This type of garden idea for small spaces is a solution for aspiring gardeners who are looking for ways to set up a balcony garden.

Things to Keep in mind before setting a Balcony Garden

garden idea for small spaces

The primary things necessary for the growth of plants are sunlight and water. For a proper balcony garden, the space used should be getting enough sunlight. While choosing a site for your balcony garden you must see if the space receives enough sunlight throughout the day. There should also be enough space if you are thinking about setting up a balcony vegetable garden. You should also teach yourself beforehand, the basics of gardening like knowing about different plants, both seasonal and annual. The amount of water different types of plants requires to survive. The type of care you should give to the plants you plan to make a part of your garden. Based on your budget you can improvise your balcony gardening ideas.  You should also be willing to give proper care to the plants of your balcony garden. If you want your plants to grow good and beautiful and bear fruits and vegetables and flowers, then you should be able to invest time and energy in their care as they won’t grow all by themselves. You should always be available to cater to the needs of your plants and treat them like small children. There are ways in which you can manage your investment and still be able to take proper care but for that, you will require to educate yourself properly via theory as well as experience.

Balcony Garden Ideas

There are plenty of options when you think about balcony gardening, starting from ornamental flowers, succulents, leaves to edible plants of different fruits and vegetables

When you are setting up a balcony garden you should try to make use of the small space in a smart way. For that, you can use small containers like pots, hanging garden planters, tiny planting zones, planter bags, etc.

Balcony herb gardens are a very popular type. The availability of fresh herbs just at the reach of your doorstep sounds quite mesmerizing. You can plant herbs in small containers, water them and feed them as required and see them grow. Herbs can even serve as ornamental plants besides their quality of being used as edible. Some easy-to-grow herbs for your balcony gardening ideas are mint, basil, thyme, aloe vera, etc. Use of proper amount of water, the right type of soil and fertilizer, and the right amount of sunlight is all that is required for your herbs to grow making it an easy planting idea. Herbs need about 7 hours of sunlight a day and hence can be grown easily.  When they are fully grown and ready for harvest, you can simply snip and pinch to take off the leaves. Harvesting also makes more branches available for an even denser growth of your herbs. 

Growing your own food at an ease is pleasurable as well as profitable at the same time. Balcony vegetable gardens are hence a very good balcony gardening idea.  There are many advantages of growing your own vegetable. You can eat healthier food and be healthier physically as well. Besides, that balcony vegetable gardens can also help you save a lot of money. There are certain things like the proper amount of light, air, water, and fertilizers, which you will need to provide to your balcony vegetable garden for their proper growth. You can use wooden containers, ceramic pots, self-watering containers to grow your veggies but you should always keep in mind that you give them considerable space to grow which is not the case for growing other plants. Vegetable plants usually require space a bit bigger than other plants.

balcony garden décor

All you need is a handful of seeds planted on the soil and some patience and care till they grow into lovely plants bearing the fruit/vegetable. Some very easy-to-grow vegetable plants in a container are peas, potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, eggplant, peppers, etc. It is wise to choose small plant varieties, plants requiring less sunlight so that they grow optimally in shade, climbers as they would require a lot less space, and the green branches would also decorate the railings of your balcony. Once the vegetables have grown completely you can pluck them and cherish the goodness of garden fresh healthy vegetables.

Gardens are a treat to the eyes and hence the most basic idea that you get for balcony gardening ideas are ornamental plants which include seasonal and annual flowering plants. These are easy to find and easy to grow as well although different types of flowering plants would have different types of requirements based on light, water, and fertilizers. These come in all shapes and sizes as well. Waking up to a colorful balcony can never cease to be refreshing and soothing.

Some very commonly available and easy to grow ornamental plants are roses, chrysanthemum, petunia, calendula, hollyhocks, etc. Some easy-to-look-after plants are succulents like adenium, aloe vera, aeonium, cactus, etc. There are beautiful climbers which can be used as balcony garden décor. These types of plants can be planted in all sorts of containers and even in balcony hanging planters. 

Balcony garden is an idea of easy access to fresh air that will allow you to stay in touch with nature while giving you the pleasure of a good ambience and a treat to your eyes. Balcony gardening ideas can hence let you have a healthy life in an otherwise unhealthy environment.

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