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The Unstoppable Foundation: How Cynthia Kersey Made It Possible

The year 2008 proved to be a transformational phase for the 50-year old, Cynthia Kersey. There was a drastic transformation in her life as she had to go through a separation. Rather than self-pitying in despair, Cynthia undertook her cherished concept, ensuring a kid’s fundamental right to learning. She sent invitations to all her friends and acquaintances for her fiftieth birthday bash and requested every one of the invitees to contribute $100 in place of gifts.

There, Cynthia proclaimed to the guests that the gifts would be utilized in the form of seed financing for launching a non-profit seeking or charitable organization based in Los Angeles, The Unstoppable Foundation. Due to her relentless endeavors, Cynthia evaluates in her email, 6,000 kids could go to school and over 50 school buildings were constructed. 

The Unstoppable Foundation: An Organization with a Mission

The principal objective of The Unstoppable Foundation is to empower lives via education. It is a charitable, philanthropic organization offering viable education to kids and groups of underprivileged people in developing nations across the world. The goal is to generate a securer and fairer world for everybody.        

The mission of The Unstoppable Organization is to make sure that education is available for every kid. It is a gift that everyone cherishes throughout their life.        

Progress achieved by The Unstoppable Foundation 

The info given below will give you some idea about the progress made by The Unstoppable Foundation in the philanthropic domain:

  • Completion of 129 primary school buildings 
  • Healthcare provided to 13,661 kids 
  • Income training accessibility offered to 6,831 parents  
  • Wholesome meals given to 1,785,000 students 
  • Accessibility of hygienic water to 54,149 community members 

Cynthia Kersey: Founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Foundation 

The founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Unstoppable Foundation is Cynthia Kersey. Her mission is to fulfil every kid’s dream of getting access to education.

Cynthia has been a pioneer in the sector of qualitative change. She has authored two books “Unstoppable Women” and “Unstoppable”. These books are bestsellers and feature a set of potent narratives and schemes from people who did not bow down to hindrances and instead switched them to individual achievement via continuous activities and doggedness. Cynthia’s publications have inspired innumerable readers across the world and more than 500,000 copies have been sold in various countries in the world. Cynthia’s books are available in 17 languages. 

Cynthia Kersey is also a motivational speaker, countrywide editorialist, impresario, and a contributory publishing supervisor for Success Magazine. She was also a coveted invitee for the Oprah Winfrey Show while Winfrey introduced the Angel Network. 

Mrs. Kersey also enjoys the membership of the Transformational Leadership Council. This establishment comprises globally famous thinkers, frontrunners, and coaches such as originator Jack Canfield, innovator of the Chicken Soup for All series, a huge bestseller.

Cynthia’s desire demonstrates how every one of us living in this world can work out the most apparently intolerable difficulties in the world via basic individual activities. 

The Success Story of the Unstoppable Foundation

The Unstoppable Foundation acts together with collaborators with a proven background for executing, managing, tracking, and finishing its ventures. The organization handles and monitors ventures from the start to the end. Once a venture is over, The Unstoppable Foundation releases a statement together with the images of kids and the communities that have benefited from the contribution of people. The Unstoppable Foundation ensures that 10,128 kids get an education every day. 

As an establishment, The Unstoppable Foundation influences the lives of countless people across the world. Via a stringent screening procedure, The Unstoppable Foundation got the award for the nominated philanthropic association to aid in 2012. Given below is a list of people who endorsed The Unstoppable Foundation:

  • Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher (Co-Founders, Proctor Gallagher Institute)
  • Mary Morrissey (Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Founder, Life Mastery Institute)
  • Fabienne Fredrickson (Speaker, Business Counselor, and Author, Founder of ClientAttractraction.com)
  • Marcia Wieder (Founder of The Meaning Institute & Dream University)
  • Bari Baumgardner (Founder, SAGE Event Management) 
  • Richard Branson (Business Tycoon, Venture Capitalist, and Humanitarian)

On its 10th anniversary gala held in Beverly Hills, The Unstoppable Foundation did fundraising of over $1.4 million. The gala took place on March 24, 2018.  

Unstoppable Foundation Received ISA Foundation Grant 

On August 17, 2019, The Unstoppable foundation declared that it received financial aid from ISA Foundation, a freshly launched organization by Isagenix International. The idea was to render healthy foodstuff, academic resources, as well as a community park to people in the Masai Mara territory in Kenya.

The declaration of this aid took place on August 16, 2019, at the Global Celebration 2019 gala in Nashville, TN. The organizer of this occasion was Isagenix International, the worldwide health and wellness firm running the ISA Foundation.

Acknowledging that The Unstoppable Foundation concurs with the undertaking of ISA to offer nutritious food and assistance to underprivileged kids, it was the second financial aid given to the charitable, philanthropic organization.  

The Unstoppable Foundation received the first financial aid from ISA Foundation in January that year and the name of the aid was Isagenix Legacy Foundation Grant. Till that time, it had successfully offered healthy lunch to almost 400 students of primary schools. Serving over 85,000 meals had taken place. Besides, the Unstoppable made arrangements for academic projects for both kids and grownups, financing for building a school kitchen, and procured a plot for a community ranch.  

According to Cynthia Kersey, the ISA Foundation brought much-required well-being, vigor, and sustainability to a whole territory in the world. They are thankful for the collaboration with ISA Foundation and their constant pledge to providing healthy food and education to the kids and households of The Unstoppable Foundation communities. 

The ISA Foundation was set up in 2018. It is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization that satisfies the humanitarian objectives of the Isagenix International Association. 

How does The Unstoppable Foundation work? 

The established prototype of The Unstoppable Foundation does not only construct schools but also offers the whole community availability of hygiene and freshwater, healthy diet, medical facilities, and substitute earning training for the guardians.

1) The Unstoppable Foundation motivates people who pursue the goal of getting an education for every kid and endow them with the appropriate platforms and tools to recruit others to provide and be a segment of the solution. 

2) The Unstoppable Foundation has a steadfast commitment towards making the most of individual contributions through syndicating them to concentrate on vital outreach plans generating a more significant bearing in comparison to individual donations. 

3) Subsequently, The Unstoppable acts together with domestic collaborators who have a proven background to execute, supervise, track, and finish its schemes with the help of The Unstoppable Solution for Sustainable Education prototype. 

4) From commencement to end, The Unstoppable Foundation monitors and supervises its ventures quite adeptly. As soon as a venture is finished, The Unstoppable Foundation brings out a statement together with the images of community members and kids that have gained from the contribution of people. The Unstoppable Foundation ensures that 10,128 kids get an education every day.

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