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Wright Brothers Invention – History of Aviation

Orville and Wilbur Wright were the famous inventors of America and the trailblazers of aviation who came to be jointly known as the Wright brothers. After almost 10 decades of the flying invention, it is astonishing to remember the first airplane ever pioneered. It is not so that other inventors didn’t try a hand at similar inventions, but the Wright brothers did the job more systematically. 

Wright Brothers’ Invention (History Of Aviation) 

The year 1903 was a remarkable year for the aeronautic enthusiasts, the Wright brothers. They had then, just gained significant recognition for achieving success in creating the first flight which was completely energized, controlled, and viable. Two years later in 1905, after the concept of the ‘flying machine’ was first introduced, the American inventors built a more practical version of their invention and that is when the Wright brothers made history. 

Early Life Of The Wright Brothers 

Wilbur Wright, born on April 16, 1867, in Millville, Indiana, and his younger brother Orville Wright, born on August 19, 1871, is hailed as the pioneers of aeronautical engineering, not for nothing. The Wright brothers were locally educated and grew up in an environment where intellectual interests and tickling one’s curiosity was given appropriate significance. Both the brothers, in several interviews, had affirmed being subjected to a nourishing home environment which aided them in pursuing their passion. 

The father of the Wright brothers, Bishop Wright, influenced both his children to be genuine and independent thinkers with unshakable confidence in their own strengths. Support from their family couple with confidence in their own judgment and an unbreakable determination to convert vision into reality is what drove the Wright brothers to invent the first airplane whose original blueprint is the reference for modern-day airplanes. 

Before the Wright brothers’ first flight in 1905, the brothers engaged in starting their own newspaper in 1889 called the West Side News. The Wright brothers shared a mutual knack for bicycles which was the trending craze during the 80s. Three years later in 1892, the brothers established their own bicycle shop and sold their own designs. 

Do You Know When The Airplane Was Invented? 

The Wright brothers always engaged in various mechanical tasks and kept themselves updated with other inventors’ scientific research.  The brothers had an inclination towards the work of the German-based aviator, Otto Lilienthal who had previously conducted aviation experiments. On his death, it came upon the brothers, to begin with, their personal experiments. For developing a sustainable design Wilbur and Orville made their way to Kitty Hawk, in North Carolina, famous for its hefty winds. 

The birth of the first airplane was inspired by the natural flying machines, the birds! The Wright brothers had already figured out the structure of the airplane but partially. Functioning and sturdy wings were missing! It came to the brothers’ observance that birds used their angled wings for flight for control and balance. A similar theory was emulated in designing wings for the first airplane. A concept called ‘wing wrapping’ was coined by the brothers and that proved to be a magic potion to the invention. 

The First Flight 

The Wright brothers’ first flight was on 13 December 1903 when the formula for flying a free and controlled air structure was created although it was heavier than an airplane. For how long was the Wright brothers’ flight, you ask? The brothers flew their plane for 59 seconds and over 852 feet in distance from the ground, which was a remarkable achievement in the history of aviation. 

In between 1906 and 1907, the Wright brothers did not fly but only built. They tried partnering up with the United States Army and other foreign buyers but were unable to convince them of the possibility of flight until 1908. In 1908, the contract for the first military airplane was signed by the U.S Army. 

In order to pilot the first Wright brothers’ airplane, you have to rest down on the bottom wing, sticking your head in between the two stabilizers, placed horizontally one above the other. Two rudders were mounted, side-by-side, to the rear while two propellers pushed the airplane through the air. After the Wright brothers made four flights on 17 December 1903, they returned to Ohio and made 158 flights in the next two years. 

Success might have struck the Wright brothers’ invention but it did not appease the mass as the population, press, and experts restricted and posed criticism towards their claims. In hope of attracting public attention and selling his airplanes, in 1908, Wilbur left for Europe after receiving no acclamation from his own people.  

The Wright brothers had found their recognition in the aviation industry much later than the first airplane was invented. Wilbur found fame in France with a much more responsive audience, through public flights and giving rides to journalists, officials, and statesmen. In 1909, Orville and their younger sister Katherine joined Wilbur, together they sold airplanes to the wealthy residents of France before returning to the United States in the same year. 

Legacy Of The Wright Brothers 

The American inventors and aviators, the Wright brothers, became rich businessmen after signing several contracts for aircraft in the United States and Europe. The aeronautical gift that the Wright brothers have given to mankind has been exhibited and preserved in the Wright Brothers Airplane Company which is not only a museum but also an institute where technology, science, and mathematics, required to decipher the understanding of aviation and its history, are taught. The Wright brother’s museum is organized under the ‘history wing’ under which the detailed history of aviation is provided along with other stories of first aviation. Then there is an ‘adventure wing’ which provides an account of the work of other pioneers in aviation. Following this, there is a section for ‘exhibits & programs’ where young aviation enthusiasts can take interest in building Wright aircraft. And a company store for selling company products. 

The invention of the Wright brothers now serves as the experimental reference for practical airplanes. The preserves in the Wright brother’s museum help the aviation industry to understand the invention of airplanes and to follow its code. 

The first flight has proved to be a remarkable invention in the history of aeronautics as much as the first light. The historic 1903 aircraft of the Wright brothers is currently on display at the National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C. the invention of the airplane did not occur initially in 1903, but almost took 6 years to storm the aviation industry. The Wright brothers’ invention (history of aviation) did not lose its legacy after their death. Wilbur died in May 1912 while Orville breathed his last in January 1948 leaving behind a plethora of data and documentary on aviation for the world to bask under. 

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