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Morning Rituals- A List of Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

We often tend to think about how should we start our day to have a routine life that might help us to succeed. Most of us though tend to ignore the importance of starting our day right. Famous and successful people from Oprah Winey, to Ratan Tata, make sure that they have a routine life and that they spend their time before breakfast efficiently.

Not only does morning routine leads a step towards a successful life but scientist have proved that it helps to boost the physical and mental well-being leading to a more stress-free and creative life.

10 Habits to Follow That Are Similar to Successful People

Here is a list of 10 things that successful people do before breakfast.

  • Habit 1: Successful people make sure they have a fixed time to wake up

what the most successful people do before breakfastWe often wonder, what time do successful people wake up? Most successful people tend to finish half of their work before the rest of the world wakes up. Initially, it might be difficult to wake up every day at the same time but we should avoid pressing the snooze button. Eventually, the Circadian rhythm will tune our body in such a way that we wake up even on weekends at the same time.

The key to waking up early is to sleep early. There is a famous saying,” Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Not only should one wake up every day at the same time but the time to go to bed daily should also be the same. The human body needs proper rest and 8 hours of sleep to stay fit.

The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger; Indra Nooyi CEO of Pepsico, Tim Cook, Michelle Obama, and many other successful people wakes up before 5 in the morning, every day.

  • Habit 2: They make their bed

We think, how can making a bed make a person successful. But, it is always the small things that matter the most. Making the bed in the morning helps a person to encourage to complete the rest of their tasks. It has nothing to do with the bed at all, but it helps to gain the willpower to do everything on our own as well as be productive.

So, yes, no matter how rich these successful people are, they prefer to make their bed on their own rather than depending on their house helps.

  • Habit 3: They Plan their day

what time do successful people wake upJournalizing and planning the day helps one to prioritize the work. It gives a clear idea of what is important and how the day will look like. Not only do successful people make a to-do list for their business tasks but also jot down the personal things they have to do. The intention of peak performers is always clear for each day. People like Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs used to ask themselves every day, “What good shall I do this day?” and “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?”

Strategizing and Planning the day ahead helps people avoid wasting and time and help them to do important things smoothly.

  • Habit 4:  Exercising is a must in the morning schedule

Be it jogging, hitting the gym, doing yoga, or playing a sport, successful people make sure that they sweat it out.  Even Barack Obama, Ratan Tata Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill gates do cardio or hit the treadmill early in the morning. It might be difficult to make it a morning routine, but successful people make sure they do any physical activity as they believe it helps to stay calm, full of energy, and productive.

  • Habit 5: They meditate and practice gratitude

10 things successful people do before breakfastThese days we often hear the benefits of affirmations and gratitude. Successful people including Tim Ferris, Oprah, and achievers make sure that they meditate at least for 10 minutes or practice mindfulness and practice gratitude. They say meditating and practicing gratitude helps them to be happy and achieve what they desire. They believe that only if we are thankful for the small things in our life, we can achieve bigger things. Meditating regularly also helps to make good decisions, have improved focus, and also reduces anxiety and stress.

  • Habit 6: Reading news or hearing podcasts is definitely a part of their morning routine

Listening to news podcasts or reading news is something that all successful people do. Some take out time explicitly to read the latest headlines and some hear it while exercising. Warren Buffet goes through WSJ, New York Times, Financial Times, American bankers, or the USA today every morning. It is important to know what is going around in the world. And reading newspapers, blogs, or hearing to podcasts helps in staying focused.

  • Habit 7: Checking and responding to emails 

what successful people do in the morningIn the list of what successful people do in the morning, checking and responding to email is definitely one. They read and respond to the emails early in the morning as they feel it is better to do it with a clear mind. But they make sure they do check their phones immediately on waking up. They first meditate, work out and touch their phone only after 45 minutes of waking up.

  • Habit 8: Connect with their family

People tend to get tired after spending their day in the office and doing day-to-day activities. So, many successful people have made it a morning ritual to spend some time with their loved ones, talking and discussing what they think is important. Some exercise with them, others make sure they eat breakfast with the family. They feel it is better to spend quality time and not regret it, after all, it is the family for whom we work.

  • Habit 9: They spend time doing what they love

Warren Buffet loves to read so he makes sure he does that every morning. Other successful people play a sport, paint, write articles, play musical instruments, cook food, etc.  It will help to stay focus, stress-free, healthy, and live a longer life.

  • Habit 10: They complete an important task 

It gets very difficult to concentrate on an important task when exhausted. So the best time to do something important is before doing the breakfast, as there is less disturbance and more focus. Something needs more attention and others and needs to be done with a clear mind.


what successful people do in the morningThe above list is the 10 things most successful people do every morning. They even take a cold shower before starting their day off. It is very important to have a routine life and starting the day right. No wonder there are books like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, “The 5 am Club”, “What the most successful people do before breakfast” that talk about the everyday routine of successful people. It might take a while to stick to the routine, but once we get a hang of it, there is no turning back.

After all, someone truly said, “Your Future is found in your daily routine. Successful People do daily what others do occasionally.”

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