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BuildStore – Your Go-To Alternative Appstore

BuildStore is the first-ever independent signing service continuously operating since 2013. It is when a small group of Apple enthusiasts created an easy-to-use service for developers to build iOS-apps from the existing code. Basically, the only reason there are multiple stores available nowadays is builds.io.

The main advantage of using BuildStore is that users don’t need to jailbreak their iOS devices and can safely use both the apps installed from the official Appstore and the ones sideloaded via BuildStore.

Tweaked apps with additional features, beloved games with hacks, emulators – builds.io has over 200 of
those to offer, with 25 new apps added per month on average.

Are you not familiar with jailbreak or sideloading? 

Don’t worry, with BuildStore you are on the safe side.

You don’t need any specific technical knowledge to use it, and the set-up process will take a few minutes and is very easy and straightforward. One thing to remember: sometimes Apple revokes
certificates that are crucial to the 3rd-party stores’ operation, resulting in stores’ work disruptions.

But BuildStore has got you covered: your account will be automatically recovered, and the only thing you will need to do is reinstall the apps. We told you BuildStore is there for you! We told you BuildStore is there for you!

Did you know that more than 100K apps are submitted to AppStore monthly? 

Yes, you heard it right, and only half of them pass their strict regulations. Meaning the other 50K is out there, but you can’t use them. This is where BuildStore comes to connect app developers with their target audience. Are you an app developer, or
know of some app that the world needs to see? Submit it to BuildStore, and if it meets the requirements, it will be added to the library within a few days.

Another cool yet not-so-known thing about BuildStore is their affiliate program: you might be interested in it, if you have a blog, run a channel on Youtube, or have a significant followers base in social media.

Recommend BuildStore to your users (and we hope you already understood that the store is totally worth it) and get $ commission once they subscribe. It is as easy as it sounds!

BuildStore Benefits in a Nutshell

So, this is what BuildStore has to offer in a nutshell:

– Over 200 apps and tweaks to install without jailbreak
– Easy set-up and intuitive interface
– “Request an app” feature
– Support team to the rescue 24/7
– Automatic restore if you are affected by revokes

In case you are still hesitating, here is the last argument: Use code “UPSIDE” at the checkout to get a 30% off your first month with builds.io.

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