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Samsung Pay vs Google Pay – Which Is Better?

Near Field Communication or NFC wallet is one of the most preferred payment methods in today’s world. NFC has made buying products and services so easy with one-click payment options. There are many NFC wallets available for use including Samsung pay, google pay, PayPal, Apple pay, android pay, and many more. But often people tend to compare google pay with Samsung pay. So this article will focus on Samsung Pay vs Google Pay. Both Payment applications are providers for android phones and have similar features which make it difficult to decide which amongst them both is best.

Google Pay – What Is It All About?

is Samsung pay worth itGoogle Pay is an app by Google specifically designed for mobile payment services. The debit card and credit card of a user can be stored in smartphones as this payment system power online and in-app payments. This digital wallet of Google Pay allows saving event tickets, boarding passes, gift cards, and vouchers as well. The user if wants, can link it to Paypal and make payments through it as well.

One of the best features of Gpay is that it makes contactless payment very easy by having an option of Tap-to-Pay. 

Any android smartphone that has the NFC feature can support google Pay and allows to make a payment through the phone even when in-store. IOS users can use this app as well but the features available to them are limited. One of the most important features that they can’t use is making store payments.

Before Google Pay, Google launched Android Pay which was limited to in-app purchases. It was in early 2018, that both apps merged to become one which now makes it easy to send money to peers as well as let make an in-store payment.

Samsung Pay- A Little Glimpse 

This mobile payment app is developed by Samsung. Samsung Pay is available for just the people who have a Samsung phone, which means to use Samsung pay one must have a Samsung phone. Instead of using NFC, Samsung pay uses MST or as one says Magnetic Secure Transmission. 

google wallet versus apple payOne of the best features of this app is that one can make payments even through contactless machines. This is possible because MST mimics the signal from the magnetic strips of a credit card. It can be used to store loyalty cards and membership cards as well, and at the same time, the user can use PayPal via Samsung Pay.

Google Pay vs Samsung Pay

People always have the question, is Samsung pay worth it? Here is a small comparison of Google Pay and Samsung Pay to make one understand the same.

Samsung Pay Google Pay
It is available only on the latest Samsung devices in 18 countries including U.S.A, Singapore, U.A.E, United Kingdom, etc. It is available in both android phones and IOS, but its features in an apple phone are limited.  Google Pay is currently available in 40 countries.
For easy access, one can store loyalty cards, debit cards, and store credit in its wallet. Be it loyalty cards, debit cards, vouchers, coupons, boarding passes, everything can be stored in google pay’s wallet making it easy to make contactless payments and in-store payment.
It is widely accepted as uses both MST or NFC It just used NFC but there are transportation services in some countries that allow using Google Pay without NFC
It has an advanced security system, that makes sure the account and the details in it are safe. Even Google Pay has a strict security system keeping the data safe.


A combination of NFC and MST technology doesn’t make Samsung pay the best. Google pay has a presence globally and is available for most phones. So, let’s take a deeper look to analyze which one is the best.

  • Security

google pay vs Samsung payThere is no difference when it comes to security systems or technology used by Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Both make sure that the financial information of its users is safe. There are features such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanners, etc to ensure that the payment is not made by any third person. But, Samsung is at times more trusted when it comes to security as even the British government uses it.

  • Global Reach

A person who travels abroad frequently should choose Google Pay over Samsung Pay. It is because Google pay is accepted in around 40 countries whereas Samsung is not even there in 20 countries. But Samsung Pay can be very useful in the countries where it is available because of the MST technology used by it.

  • Transaction Limit

One of the best things about both apps is there is no limit to the amount while making a transaction. But a minimum or a maximum amount can be set individually by different vendors.

In conclusion when can say it completely depends on an individual when it comes to deciding which is the best amongst both. A Samsung phone is mandatory if a person wants to use Samsung Pay. This is one of the biggest drawbacks due to which, more people prefer Google Pay. As one can’t buy a Samsung smartphone just for using Samsung Pay.

google pay vs Samsung payIt is not just Google Pay and Samsung Pay, that people often compare. Both are a competition to each other but still, they have many common features. Here is a comparison of google wallet versus apple pay.

Google Pay Apple Pay
Google Pay is available for android smartphones and smartwatches that have NFC enabled in it. But even IOS users can use some features of this app. Apple Pay is available for users with Apple products like the iPhone iWatch or Ipad 
The google pay wallet gives a provision to save certain information including that of boarding passes, debit cards, credit cards, and store cards. With the help of Paypass technology, a user can store information about credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards.
One can send money to their peers or family by using their phone number, UPI Id, or barcode. It is only possible if the other person has an account in Google Pay A p2p payment can be made using Apple Cash. 
One can easily send payment to the sellers account if the person doesn’t have an account in Google Pay It is accepted by many apps and many stores including Starbucks, Sephora, KFC, Costco, Pizza Hut, Walt Disney, Whole Foods Market, Airbnb, Groupon, Chipotle, and many more


So be it, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay, they three share a lot of features. The one which the user has should be the deciding factor.

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